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Poems Fit Perfectly in Pockets

I always have a poem in my pocket. In a small notebook I keep in my purse, the notebook that keeps my to do lists and grocery lists, I will copy a poem--one that is small enough to fit on one page and which speaks to me on that day. I have a couple of shelves of poetry, but the books I pick up most often are Mary Oliver's, as I know many of you do, too. 

The book I have been reading from most often this spring is A Thousand Mornings. Since I am a morning person, the poems speak to my heart. It was hard to chose only one from the book, but I bring you....

An Old Story

Sleep comes a little while. Then I wake
in the valley of midnight or three a.m. 
to the first fragrances of spring

which is coming, all by itself, no matter what. 
My heart says, what you thought you have you do not have.
My body says, will this pounding ever stop?

My heart says: there, there, be a good student.
My body says: let me up and out, I want to fondle
those soft white flowers, open in the night. 


Thank you, Kym, for reminding me to participate today!

Poem in Your Pocket day, by the Academy of American Poets 


Thank you for sharing this wonderful poem, Margene. I, too, wake in the valley of midnight or three a.m., and Mary Oliver knows how to beautifully express these feelings and thoughts.

Her words are always perfect! XO

Lovely poem. And I had no idea Poem in a Pocket Day existed!

Thank-you Margene!

You bloggers are always coming up with something that is a day brightener.

What lovely words to describe that middle of the night waking. Thank you for sharing, Margene!

Mary Oliver's poems are all so beautiful and accessible. It's easy to see why they are so loved. Thanks for sharing this one.

I'm thankful that there are days like this because I don't regularly read poetry... I don't seek it out... so I like it when friends share. Lovely.

Thank you for sharing! Beautiful!!

I'm going to feel better about those midnight awakenings now. thank you for sharing this one!

I love her words and her words are perfect for pockets :)

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