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Weekending After Another Break

This is where I say, life has had a way of getting "in the way". I had to look at the calendar to see what I'd been up to, as the past week has been a a whirlwind. Suffice it to say, the week was full of busy fun. I'm not great at remembering to take pictures and I'm not great at chronicling my life for the blog, but there was a jazz concert, an afternoon at the movies to see a special production of As You Like It by Shakespeare, and a evenings out with girlfriends. There was even a little time with Smith. It was a great week! And then, it was the weekend!


After work Friday, I set off for a much needed haircut. I thought I'd share this photo is of "my mountain" from the shop, which is just a few miles south of where I live. The day was beautiful, but because there was a  northerly breeze, it was cooler than it appeared. I was more than ready for a haircut and asked how long it had been. They told me less than 4 weeks! My usual is 5 weeks. But, then she then they said hair grows more quickly in the spring than in the winter. Did you know? Do you know it is spring? I am here to attest it is so. 


As you can see the apricots are in bloom and this week a winter storm is forecast for 2-4 inches of snow in the valley! In the 5-6 years we've been in the garden we have never had a single apricot. This year is true to form. At least I had a few minutes to commune with the beautiful blossoms. 

I have not had much time (or much inclination) to do any sort of crafting. I have a sock on the needles and a sweater, too. I have not put a stitch into my Alabama Chanin T-shirt, but I have been reading, spending a lot of time with friends, and generally enjoying a life is as it should be! 


All of that does sound fun, and I am glad you had such a good week and then a great weekend! You deserve it. I can testify about the hair growing faster in the spring, although I must say I had never noticed. I just got my hair cut a couple of weeks ago, and I feel like I need another cut. The cherry trees in my yard are all blooming, and they are beautiful, just like your apricot. Hooray, spring! I hope you have another really good week, Margene.

Gorgeous photos, Margene! Wow, I would not mind seeing those views everyday! Knitting and stitching will always be there, but time with friends and family are the moments you never want to end. Glad your week was so lovely!

It all sounds good to me Margene! And oh that mountain...

Your apricot is almost as beautiful as your mountain! We've only ever had one apricot in 5 years, and that was the year I tried pollinating the flowers myself with a little paintbrush when there were no bees around. It looks like they might have originated in Armenia and Greece, so maybe in locations that get spring snow and frosts we are meant to appreciate their blooming glory.

I cancelled a hair appointment at the end of November and still haven't rescheduled!!

That apricot tree is beautiful... sad about what the snow means for it, though. It was nice to see some flowering trees when we were in OR; it'll be a while before that happens here!

Life! I think you're doing it right. ;)

You seem so buttoned up sometimes--I am saying that as a compliment. My last haircut occurred about 13 weeks after the one before. Keeping to,a reasonable schedule seems to elude me!

live is perfect when you are busy and living life doing fun stuff with your best friend forever. Thanks for the catch up! your spring is looking mighty beautiful!!

Sounds like you've been busy have a wonderful time and that's what life is all about! Thanks for catching up us on all the good.

I'm delighted that you sound so happy!

I know it's spring because my dogs are beginning to shed their winter coats! :-) I'm so sorry about the apricot tree. Fruit trees are really big in my part of Michigan (apple and cherry, in particular) -- and we always worry when they blossom too early. Because you know that cold and snow are always still hanging in the wings.

Your life is filled with wonderful things, Margene. Time with friends is such a treat. XO

good to see a post from you in my feed, especially with pretty photos and thoughts about Spring, friends, and fun times!!

Indeed, life is wonderful at that pace. You always have your priorities in the right place. Storms again? It is almost April!

Time spent with friends needs to be camera-free sometimes. I hope there's another good week in store for you.

Oh, the apricot blossoms are lovely! I am SOOOOO ready for green growing things.

Sounds like life is going very well. :)

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