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Since today is a Ten on Tuesday day, and I have a few cherished objects made of wood, I thought it might be time to make an appearance and share the most special pieces with you. 

1. As a child, I played with the jewelry my mother kept inside this box. Most of her jewelry was costume quality, which meant she didn't mind if we played with them, but only if we asked permission.


2. The Japanese table in my living room is the only piece of furniture I care for and would save in the case of a fire. The minute I saw this table I knew I wanted to have it in my life. I've never felt that way again about any other household furnishing.

3. The Japanese box atop the Japanese table, holds a special place in my heart, because Smith and I bought on a trip we took to Seattle (many, many years ago).

4. My rocking chair belies the comment I made in #2. I care very much about my chair, although it can no longer be used as a place to sit.


5. This box, handcrafted by a dear friend, is one of the most beautiful pieces of woodwork I've ever owned. The photograph does not show its true beauty or charm.


6. I have several Shaker boxes which I bought with the intent of stitching the lining and etui to adorn the inside. This is the only box I completed before my interests turned to other pursuits.


7. This African spice bowl was given to us by a dearly departed friend. I keep a few little treasures inside, but mostly, I'm sad to say, it only gathers dust.

8.  I have a multitude of elaborate, handcrafted spindles I no longer use. Each one is unique and simply elegant, a piece of art even though it sits on a shelf.

9. Plus, I own a Schacht 40th Anniversary spinning wheel, which also never use. I keep it dusted and think about using it from time to time, but the act of spinning never calls. 


10. Long ago a friend asked me to stitch a newborn baby's name on a christening gown. He repaid me with this gift of a Navajo weaving fork, which is more dear to me because of who it is from than it is for its price.

Each item on this list hold a very special place in my life, many marking special occasions or events. I feel very fortunate to have each and every one of them, as well as the memories they invoke. 



You have a really wonderful collection of wooden objects, made even more special because they are handmade and hold lovely memories. Your Japanese table and box look like they are made to be together and are truly beautiful, along with the Shaker box you stitched. I'm glad you made an appearance; you've been missed!

There's something about wood that draws me to it. Perhaps that why I bought several pretty spindles, but never really learned to use them. Your wooden treasures are lovely.

I love all your treasures! That Japanese table is incredible, however your Shaker box is absolutely amazing. Wow. You have such amazing talent, Margene! I am in awe!

You found very special items to include in today's list.

That hand crafted box is so beautiful. Today's posts are making me want to learn how to work with wood. Oh dear - not another hobby.

Beautiful pieces Margene. I can see why they are all so special to you.

You have some absolutely stunning wood pieces. I especially love #5. Maybe some day you will spin again?

What beautiful pieces you have ... I love seeing them and reading snippets of their stories. Wood, more than any other natural resource, does seem to hold onto stories. Yours are special and heartfelt. (and now smiling - I just read Donna's comment above about wanting to learn to work with wood - my reaction is the complete opposite - I can't imagine creating anything this beautiful).

Oh, that rounded box is amazing - but really, that everything has so much meaning is wonderful. :)

Each one of your items is so lovely! I love the purple heart box, but that little weaving tool makes me smile.

Lovely collection of beautiful and meaningful pieces! Thanks for sharing their stories.

(I can't believe I missed this post on Tuesday. I really am deep in a deadline-cave. . . ) Anyway, such beautiful, lovely pieces, Margene! (I feel so honored to have seen some of them in real life, and can attest to their loveliness.) Each one is a treasure. XO

Yes, I would've bought that Japanese table, too! Thanks for sharing it and all your lovely cherished wooden pieces. I can see why they are all so special. A lovely post.

Such lovely things, and best of all, the memories they hold.

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