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Carole asks, 10 of Your Favorite Things Right Now 

Alabama Chanin T - I've almost stitched all the leaves on the front of my beautiful T-shirt.

Plain Ol' Gray - She's coming alone nicely (albeit slowly).


Love notes - Smith leaves me a love (sticky) note nearly every day. Yes, I know how fortunate I am.

Fountain pens and the fun colors of ink I collect. Bonus, hot Pink!, Hydrangea blue, and Black Roses.


Sumo citrus - This is the strangest citrus I've seen in awhile.


Neko Atsume - I've never played a  game on my phone, but this one only requires one to feed the cats and occasionally spend some "fish" for new toys. Bonus, the cats leave you "fish" when they visit. Double bonus, they bring you cute little mementos.

Weather - Not too cold, not too hot, light snow, full sun, cloud's all been happening over the last few days and it's likely to continue.


Tiny crocus leaves coming up in my garden. The last minute bulbs we planted last November survived! I can't wait to see which color reveals itself first. I wonder if I'll see any snowdrops this year.

Mark Bittman cookbook-Sunday night I followed one of the simple recipes and made a beet/carrot dish with Moroccan spices. It was delicious. Bonus, the carrots were freshly picked from the garden, as they're a vegetable that winters over well.


Other knitters at the hair salon! She was knitting strips of color. We had little chance to speak, but she was more than happy to allow a picture. 

 Do you have a favorite thing of the moment? 


Fountain pens are such a beautiful thing! I agree. I love your list, from Alabama Chanin to Knitters in Public, it is filled with good things!

What a great bunch of favorites! You and Smith are wonderful together; I have never seen such interesting citrus, and it's always exciting to see other knitters in the wild. I haven't yet purchased a fountain pen for myself, but I think your mention of fun ink colors will finally make me take the plunge.

Can't wait for a sign of spring -- other than birds singing, there's nothin' here!! ;)

I love finding knitters in the wild. It's even better when they allow photo ops.

I love that you got a stranger to participate! And spring...please come soon. :-)

Spring is teasing us--60 degree days interspersed among the cold and snowy ones. My favorite thing is my dachshund, Ben. He is a great lap warmer!

Dale leaves me notes frequently but not daily. It's such a thoughtful gesture, isn't it? I have crocuses today! Hooray! And I may just have to check out that game.

Growing things already?!?? :O

Yay for fountain pens and fun ink!!! :D

Ohh, that recipe sounds delicious!!

I am so envious of your hint of spring.

What a good list! Love notes and sunny not too cold weather---so wonderful.

I love your fountain pen and colorful ink "addiction". and your happy outlook about all manner of things. I think I need to check out that cookbook. Which one is it? Because you had me at carrots and beets!

those love notes are precious :) I do not have a fountain pen but the kids each do and they love to switch the ink colors. hmmm, I might have to do so as well. I love finding kindred knitters in the world :)

Everything on your list is a delight! (Those kitties are awfully cute . . . )

Yay for the bulbs sprouting! I'm happiest about our weather. It truly feels like spring is here to stay.

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