Here They Come to Save the Day!
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Some of This and a Little of That


Stella's second blossom is in the background, fully in bloom, but Sadie ended up stealing the show. They both brought a lot of color into my life and I have missed their show.

I have a long story about our needing a new bed and Smith walking into the electronics section of the furniture store to find iPads on sale. Instead of telling that long and boring story (we did find a bed), I'll cut to the chase and show you the first app I put on my new mini. Yes! I now have the Waterlogue app. Sadie looks pretty grand in her watercolor portrait. 

My work life has been all consuming and coming home from work to get back on a computer has been about the last thing I desire. Add to that is the major inversion working to cover the sun and fill the air with lavender and yellow tinged layers of pollution. 


Within the next couple of days I expect this mountain, as well as the sun, to completely disappear. There is no relief in sight, as the only way to scour the air is a wind that will bring in a storm. It could be a couple more least. The inversion is the sole reason I dislike winter so much.

BUT, my birds have come to visit frequently and they offer much joy and entertainment. I leave my desk infrequently, but when I can, the first thing I do is look out the window to see if they're nearby. As soon as I drop peanuts on the ledge, they pop out of the brush and jump to the task. I don't know what I'd do without their companionship and silliness. We've been together for years, about 5 or 6, I think and I hope the relationship lasts for a long time to come. 


Gorgeous blossoms! So sorry about the inversion. Maybe this will be the last of the season...hopefully.

Simply beautiful! And you've given me hope that I may someday have the Waterlogue app also; we do need a new bed ...
Enjoy the blooms, bed, your new mini and Waterlogue, your jays, and hopefully the inversion will depart soon.

Hooray for Waterlogue! I know you've wanted to use that app for a while, I'm glad you can now. I hope the inversion moves out quickly.

Waterlogue! So much fun. I've had some...things as well (mostly a 88 year old Dad) and appreciate that part about hiding from the computer. I sit in my chair and veg. The #bangbang is suffering! Wishing a big wind would blow your way!

I was out doing some yard cleanup/pruning yesterday, and the jays came out to visit me. Had to run in for peanuts.

I know what you mean.

I completely feel you on the nose-to-grindstone situation. Yay for flowers and birds!

I wonder f the birds feel the same way about you? I bet they do. They probably think they've trained you.

I think you'll love your mini! (I can't imagine a day without mine. I especially love it for reading and KnitCompanion.) So glad the birds can bring you cheer during the dreaded inversion. . . XO

Well, now I'm truly envious... the real WATERLOGUE! Haha! ;)

I hope your work eases up for you and I do not like shopping for a new bed. Not the most exciting thing to shop for but it is very important.

Pretty flowers, either way. :)

I can relate about work. Ugh...

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