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This may end up being a week of posts all in one, but since I took nearly a week off, I think I owe you an all in one.  I'll try and pull together a few thoughts to catch you up, although not much of anything is happening.

Right Now-ish 

Knitting -- There has been precious little put into knitting of late, but on my needles is Plain Ol' Gray, which was given this moniker because it is embellishment free, knit with very old stash yarn, in a very gray tweed (which is quite beautiful). I have the back and the right front pieces finished and I'm about to start the second front (or maybe a sleeve, just to mix it up). I'm going to block the pieces and try it on before moving on. Because I'm in the throes of this sweater, I will not be Banging out anything more. I am slow as it gets, in any case. 


Itching to -- start a shawl with this amazing yarn/color, but have yet to settled on a pattern. 


Reading -- I joined the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge. Mary made me do it (sort of). When she blogged about I thought the list sounded doable and I gave myself the challenge of not only reading more broadly, but also, reading people of color, as much as possible. I'm still searching for a few titles, but the list is almost complete. At the moment, I'm reading Twelve Years a Slave and Black Water Rising.

Watching -- Jessica Jones, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Big Bang Theory, (DVDs from the library) and Downton Abbey. It may sound like a lot of TV, but we're hit and miss with Smith's schedule and my busy social life (ha, ha), we only watch a couple of nights a week. 

Drinking -- Tea (milk oolong)

Needing to -- Place our order for seeds, as garden season will be here before we know it. Thursday evenings the garden crew meets at the local burger place where they plot (ha, ha) and plan things that need to happen before, and during, the growing season.


Planning -- my Month of Letters (#lettermo) calendar and gathering notecards and stationary together. I have recently started using fountain pens, in part, because Smith ran across two beautiful pens that belonged to his mother and, also, because local Laurie was using them and I found the prospect enticing. The black Sheaffer, a black dolphin nose, is my favorite, although I have purchased a couple of new fountain pens, too. 

Listening to -- Gary Clark Jr, Dwight Yoakum, John Coltrane and about a dozen different podcasts. What goes in my ear depends solely on my mood of the moment. 

Organizing -- Our bedroom as a new bed is coming. Smith finished the side tables awhile ago and may get the bedroom painted before garden season, but that remains to be seen, as his work schedule is all over the place. 


Delighted by -- this sign I saw last week (which now says 6 WEEKS) while stopped at a light. Hurray! It's February 1st and we're  that much closer to spring! 


my kids went on a fountain pen kick and it was fun watching them seek out inks and using them. I don't think they use them anymore, I should ask. Love your reading challenge and that scrumptious yarn!!

Sounds as though you are busy in your free time, however much that is! And busy doing lovely things, as well. That yarn looks so soft and springy, so please update up when you start using it. Cashmere and silk are one of my favorite combinations for warmth, softness, and sheen. You have a lot to do in the present, and a lot to look forward to, so enjoy it as the calendar creeps toward spring and the days get longer.

I heartily support any reading challenge - good for you! I hope you will show us pictures of your bedroom once it's finished. Can't wait for spring. Our high is supposed to be in the mid 50s today and I'm taking the Mustang to work.

It's been ages since I used a fountain pen. There's a very nice store in downtown Appleton that sells them; maybe I should stop in sometime!

6 Weeks -- I can't wait!! Meanwhile, it's still winter... and my 2 extra days off at the end of the week will likely become at least 3 with a snowstorm/blizzard (lots of snow & lots of wind) expected to begin tomorrow morning.

We saw signs like that in Maine this past weekend. My response was "And 12 weeks until it actually FEELS like Spring". That is a lovely color yarn. I can't wait to see which pattern you choose.

what a lovely catchup! I'm delighted that you're joining the Read Harder challenge - based on what you like to read, I think it's perfect for you. I look forward to discovering a few new recommendations from your Goodreads feed.

If my iPad was reading the yarn color accurately, it is a deep, rich purple and absolutely gorgeous. I would not have your restraint--I'd be unfaithful to my grey yarn! Six weeks--mid March--what will you be planting at that time?

Plain Ol' Gray sounds like a great sweater and that gorgeous yarn looks like the perfect choice for your next project. I currently have a Lamy fountain pen, an extra-fine nib, and some ink in a cart while I think about it some more, but you may have helped my decision. We ordered seeds yesterday and I'll be starting some indoors in just 6 weeks or so!

Plain Ol' Gray is MY kind of sweater! You'll love it when it's finished. ;-) But, oh! That new yarn! So lovely. Can't wait to see what you decide to do with it. What color are you painting your bedroom??? And . . . my big question . . . what do you think of Jessica Jones??? (Hurry up, Spring!) XO

It may be you already have a plan for your read-aloud book, but if not, there are some great picture books about gardening that could be read to children who come to your garden open house.

We have spring in Massachusetts today! Love hearing what is going on with you.

The paint is called Iconic Sky and it's a blue between robin egg and turquoise? We painted the closet a couple of years ago and I loved it enough to paint the whole bedroom.

Jessica Jones is dark, sometimes gorey, haunting, but also fascinating mind play. I knit, sew, or play on my iPad. 😊 

That's a great idea!

We'll plant spinach, radishes, onions, and beets..maybe potatoes, too.

Great "ING" list...I'm intrigued to check out the Read Harder list and about your choices as you progress...I'd completely forgotten about Letter writing month...not too late to catch up!


Yay, fountain pens!! I swear, I have about 6 of the same red Shaeffer - I keep meaning to ask my dad if they were his. He seems the most likely parent to be caring a whole whack of identical pens so he wouldn't run out of ink during college classes. :)

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