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One of the books on the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge is a Non-Super Hero comic book. Since comic books are not my forte, I consulted a friend who knows the genre well. She lead me in the direction of Kaoru Mori, and in particular, A Bride's Story.

I picked up a copy from my local library last night (yay, libraries!) and had read it, start to finished, within the hour. The story is told with illustrations, often a dozen per page, and each drawing is beautifully detailed,  the story well told. Since it is Manga, the book is read back to front and each page is read "backwards".  The story has been serialized and there are 8 books, I'm told. I have the next one on order at the library, as I am now a comic book/manga fan.

That's Plain Ol' Gray in the background of the picture above. She's coming along without there being any banging. I'm slow, but steady, and POG will see the light of day as a full blown sweater some day soon. I'm very pleased with the way she looks and plan to keep up a pace, maybe, see her finished by months end. 


What fun! My daughter was quite a Manga fan in middle school/high school, so I've read a few. That one looks like fun! It's really kind of . . . adventurous . . . to push the "genre envelope" with reading. Glad you found a winner. XO

When I read manga, I have a little notecard to help myself remember how to follow the text flow on the pages of manga, since it isn't quite what I expect it to be.

Very cool! Thanks for an introduction to a genre I hardly know. I think there is still a whole shelf of manga upstairs on Ryan's bookshelf so I will have to go take a serious look.

I was totally unaware of Manga until I volunteered at the library to shelve books. There were 4 shelves of these, and I was constantly re-shelving them. They are really popular here.

One of the women in our knitting group does translation of manga (and other things) from Japanese to English. ;)

You certainly didn't lose any time getting to that one!

I've read a few graphic novels (although not manga) and they just don't do much for me. I'm glad you found a series that you like, though. And yes! Yay for libraries!

Month's end sounds like a reasonable deadline.

both of my kids loved manga books but I have never dipped my toes (or my eyes) into such novel form. I think I would like it though :)

I saw your 5star review on Goodreads and was intrigued. Thank you for the recommendation - I think I'll check this one out!

Interesting! I did not know about this! Thank you so much for sharing!

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