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My Ten on Tuesday is brought to you by Girl Power! There are a few TV shows in rotation around here, but not on regular schedule. We often record episodes we never get around to watching. We're slowly making our way through Netflix episodes of Jessica Jones, which I find very dark, but fascinating. Marvel Comic characters have not been on my radar, but I see why people are drawn to the whole idea of heroes who can save the world from the bad guys.

I also decided to only go with women, as I think TV could do a better job of showing women in stronger roles and not only as dim-witted, one-liner characters who need a man to save them.
"You've been kidnapped! List the 10 TV show characters you would want to help you."

Jessica Jones - She has super-human strength and withering, angry looks on her side. (We'll not talk about her drinking problem.)

Lady Mary Crawley from Downton Abbey - Lady Mary has come into her own and she's learning how to get things done.

Amy Farah Fowler from Big Bang Theory - She's funny, extremely intelligent and slightly odd. I think she would give the kidnapper a run for his money. She is a neurobiologist, after all. (In the meantime, I hope she'll save me.) 

Olivia Pope from Scandal - She's got a team  behind her, just as long as she can hold off the President.

The women from The Bletchley Circle  - Four women who saved the world during WWII could certainly get me away from a kidnapper.

Agent Carter - She knows how to get things done behind the scenes and can take down any man with a well placed punch.

Hetty from NCIS - She lived through the cold war as a special agent and knows more than any spy on earth. She'd have no trouble finding me and killing my kidnapper.

Trouble from Grimm- She's another woman with super-human strength and she sees trouble coming. I know she could find me and take my kidnapper down.

So, tell me who would save you!



I love your "women only" list! With these fantastic femmes on your side, you'll be rescued in no time!

My first thought was "Sydney Bristow" from Alias - one of my all time favorite shows.

I think you can rely on Amy Farah Fowler! I might call on Sgt. Pepper Anderson (Angie Dickinson on Police Woman). It was in the 70s, but I remember her being strong and smart.

Bravo for the women! Great list!

Special Agent Dana Scully! :)

Amy Farrah Fowler...the best! And I'd like Olivia Pope on my team too!

When I saw this topic, I thought I wouldn't be able to play along in my head (the way I always do) since I don't watch too many TV shows ongoing--but Hetty! Yes. I am pretty sure I'd only need Hetty. I'm going to check out Jessica Jones on your suggestion, too :-)

Woman power--I love it!

Two thumbs up for Agent Carter! I LOVE that show and I love your girl-power take in this topic.

LOVE YOUR LIST!! Brilliant.

I love that your list is only women. I think if I had Lady Mary with me I'd wind up punching her in the nose! Olivia Pope could be quite resourceful, I'm sure.

This list is fantastic! So much fun.

A great list. And I have heard good things about Jessica Jones, but your endorsement of her is one that actually makes me motivated to check that show out.

What a great list, Margene! Love your women-power take on it. XO

I don't watch any TV shows, so I'm out of luck with this one. Love your choice of picture!

Michelle Obama. :-)

Ellen Ripley!!!! "Get away from her, you B*tch!" I loved her character. I know this dates me, but she is my hero.

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