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A Silent Poetry Reading


Cloud Fishing 

To fish from a cloud in the sky
You must find a comfortable spot,
Spend a day looking down
Patiently, clear-sighted.
Peer at your ceiling:
Where a light dangles, hook & line
Could be slipping through.
Under the hull of a boat
A fish will see things this way,
Looking up while swimming by — 
A wavering pole’s refraction
Catching its eye.

What will you catch?
With what sort of bait?
Take care or you’ll catch yourself,

A fish might say,
As inescapable skeins of shadow
Scatter a net
Over the face of the deep.
by Phillis Levin -  Poetry (2016)


Thank you for an interesting perspective from poetry and the perfect photo-poem match. They are both beautiful!

Very cool.

It's good to see a few of us still hanging on to this tradition. I love reading poetry around the blogosphere.

Inquiring minds want to know: did you pick this poem because of the phrase in the final quatrain, "inescapable skeins of shadow"? I thought it was a line that particularly appealed to the knitter in me.

I like the idea of thinking about what the fish sees from under the hull of a boat.

I like the thought of fishing from a cloud!

beautiful! (and a very pleasant break from all the Groundhog Day hullabaloo)

Lovely - one I've not read before.

Beautiful. And so perfect with that photo. Thank you.

I love this, Margene! Just beautiful!

Oh my! What a spectacular photo of that sky...and the poem is the perfect complI & complE -ments.!


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