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How much do I love the weekend? 

This weekend was spent dining with friends as much as possible--sushi for lunch, Chinese for dinner. If I could have fit in a visit to my favorite Mid-Eastern restaurant, I would have (I might do that today!). 

Sunday was warm and beautiful, the perfect day to wash my car (far right) and get off the road-salt and dirt. (I love my car!) We've lived with gray skies and smog since the first of the year and it was fabulous to see blue sky, plus the temperature was over 40!


I also spent quite a bit of  time knitting, as well as, stitching. I've embarked on my new AC T, the Lata T.


Today my office is spending the better part of the day doing a service project in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King. Every year we pick an organization and help them out in any way they need. We have fun and we enjoy giving to others as a group. 

"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'" ~Martin Luther King


it's so nice to see a post from you this morning, especially with good food and a pretty view! how wonderful that your office allows you the opportunity to give back today - enjoy!

That sushi looks great! And the rest of the weekend sounds terrific, too. Enjoy your service project, I think it's a great thing your company does.

Have a fabulous week, Margene! It sounds as if you are off to the best of starts. Your tee looks like it is going to be beautiful.

Oh the view! Oh the shirt! What a nice weekend. I would love if our company did something like that. (But I know they never would!)

Sushi is always so beautiful to look at. I really wish I could love to eat it as much as I love to see it. It's not going to happen though, much to the disappointment of my husband.

I hope your good weather continues and the fun you had this weekend carries you through to the next.

Blue skies, temps over 40, and good food all sound wonderful! I love the rich colors of your Lata T and will look forward to seeing its evolution.

you work in a very nice office! sounds like you had a great weekend and I love to eat out and would every day if I could...

Very cool about the service project today. :)


The idea of doing a service project as colleagues is wonderful. The color of the new AC tee is scrumptious!

That will be such a cute shirt!

I love that about your workplace.

What a great weekend! It was so cold here, I only ventured outside once! At least the sun has been shining and, after today, temps rising. It'll be a while before we reach 40, though! Ah, that must have felt GOOD.

THAT SHIRT!! It's going to be amazing!

What a great workplace!

And I agree with Vicki: that shirt!!!

Oh, I love, Love, LOVE that t-shirt. I had a super busy weekend, and stitched Not One Thing. I'm looking forward to some downtime today. Your mountain looks just beautiful -- so frosty and wonderful. Enjoy your day. Your workplace does a really cool thing!

What a wonderful way for your workplace to honor Dr. King's and our dream. Looks like yours was a great weekend, too. Looking forward to seeing the new AC come into being.

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