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Over the Weekend

TGIF Entertainment


The birds came out to play and beg for peanuts. They put up a right fuss, squawking, flapping around, looking up at my window and doing their best to let me know they're ready for the treat. 


The snow came and went throughout the week, but I was there to scatter peanuts and the birds were there to take the treat and tuck them away for another day.  


We have a mutual admiration society going on. Entertainment and joy is only a handful of peanuts away. 


I love your birds! XO

Thanks for sharing your birds today.

Your birds are beautiful--I am surprised that there aren't squirrels trying to steal their treats.

I really enjoy these posts about your friendship with the birds!

Bird entertainment is the best!

It's great that you get to see "your" birds all year. "Mine" hardly show up at all in the winter.

Birds are so much fun to watch!

You and your jays always make my day!

What a wonderful way to "bird-watch"...way too much fun!

We're fans of watching our yard birds, too. You have some super cool pictures of yours!

"mutual admiration society" sums it up perfectly!

we had a bad experience with bird feeders a few years back (which resulted in unwanted "wildlife" in our house - ugh!) and I've really missed the birds. on my list for this year is to figure out a bird-feeder location that won't jeopardize our house...and binoculars...and a bird book. I doubt I'll have jays and peanuts, but I hope I'll have birds!

We refilled all of our feeders today. I do love having the birds come by and I enjoy watching (through your photo's) your office birds come by.

My husband always reminds me when the feeder gets low! He and the birds are in collusion, but they do provide endless entertainment. I love your pictures, especially those on the wing!

I think these are becoming your pets :) Love that you can capture their moments with treats!!

A veritable Mary Poppins, you! :)

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