Lucky you! 70 degrees is forecast for us! Lovely photo of what's to come...


New England will be around 60 at Christmas....does not really feel like Christmas yet.

Good for you. It's supposed to be in the 60s here on Christmas Eve. I am not complaining.


Better you than me. I'll take my green Christmas with bells on.

no snow here so I'll enjoy yours!!

Us too! There is a lot of snow already on the ground but we have a couple of melting days coming up! Perfect holiday weather!

Think of the water! :)


I am not missing the snow at all but I have to admit, it's super pretty to look at yours. Have a good weekend Margene!

That's great news. I know you guys really need the snow. And, it makes your view all the more gorgeous!

Yay! I know that makes you smile... and hope Smith is feeling better so you can really enjoy it! (we are looking at a rainy 70+ degrees for Christmas)

No matter what my fellow New Englanders say...I say lets have a white Christmas! :-)

That's wonderful news!

How pretty Margene! Enjoy it for all of us on the east coast who will be wearing shorts when Santa comes. Crazy weather!

I'm so excited for you, Margene! That snow is just lovely there on the mountain. Enjoy every moment. XOXO

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