Now That's Blue!

Saturday Sky


Snow lightly fell, barely covering the mountains, then left us with little hope of more to come. Maybe Monday and Tuesday. We do not hold our collective breaths. Winter eludes this valley of ours, and even more disconcertingly, our mountains. The good part of this too warm winter is the time we can be out of doors without much bundling up. Time to get this Saturday on the move! 


Indeed, time to get this Saturday on the move! Lots to do. I hope you get the snow you desire. Incredibly warm here, but we should cool off after this front comes through. I hope you have a great and productive weekend!

Unseasonably warm here too and I love it!


I spent last winter crossing my fingers for mountain snow for you and will resume my wishes for this year. We had a very strange 68 degrees today and tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer. I'd welcome a little winter here also.

Pretty sky at least. I'm envious of the blue I can see! Still raining here. On Thursday, the sun came out for a little bit and some coworkers and I went to stand in the suddenly sunny lunchroom for a while because seeing the sun has become An Event.

I hope there's snow on them there hills today!!

Love the tinge of pink in those clouds... and like Vicki said, hope that mountain has more white today! (There are short in today's laundry for the first time in weeks...weird).

It's a good thing I don't live in Utah...I'd never get anything done watching the sky over/around the mountains every day, all happy I can visit here and get a glimpse. Thank you!


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