Love This Season of Joy
Saturday Sky


love the blue and love your smile! You are quite adventurous!!

Love love love it. See you tonight

Yeah baby. That's the ticket!

How could anyone not have a favorable reaction -- you're stunningly beautiful in blue!

Love it!

That's a lot of blue - I love it!

I LOVE it! Such a lovely, deep shade. (You're making me think I might need some purple in my life. . . )

You look fabulous - your spin on the "blue wash" is the best. :)



Well, that's just FABULOUS!! As are you! xo

Blue hairs used to refer to old ladies. Now is edgy and super cool. The more intense blue is lovely and perfect for the season.

Bolder than the last one, but just as beautiful!

It's just wonderful!

I love it!

I LOVE everything about it...except that bit about a "new" stylist. and that said, I think he/she did a fabulous job, so OK. actually really OK. maybe it takes someone new to take us outside our normal boxes. y'all did good!

Love it! One day I am going to do this. We'll see how my boss reacts!

I like it very much! You look sheepish in the photo, but you should face the camera head-on and show us that smile. I think you pull this look off wonderfully well, and since it is darker, maybe it won't wash out as quickly. "All Dressed Up in Blue", Margene!

I want to do that, too, but I'd have to bleach my hair first. Too much trouble. Yours looks great!

"Blue, Blue, your world is blue..." and it looks really great on you! I had no idea you had such a vibrant streak in your hair. You go girl!


The color really brings out the blue in your eyes! Very nice!

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