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Our Christmas of 2015 was filled with all that's good. We spent with friends who are generous, talented, and who throw great party. Our dear friends Monica and Steve had a crowd over for a Christmas Day feast. Monica not only cooked dinner for a large group, but she also made cookies and treats for everyone to take home (YES, me included!). She is a friend who goes above and beyond. Sadly, I left my camera at home, so you only get a small representation of the treats she made.

Just as everyone dreams, snow fell Christmas Day covering the ground giving us a picturesque (if not treacherous) day. That night, just as we were leaving to head home, we saw the full moon. It was lovely night cap to our wonderful day.  The day after Christmas, Boxing Day apparently, was picture perfect, with the blue sky making the cold nearly bearable. Smith had the day off which meant we could meet friends for lunch. This time of year is all about sharing time with friends and family and, with our family so far away we feel grateful for our friends. 


Our fun didn't stop there, as we were invited to have dinner at now-blogfree-Susan's. Cheryl and Larry were there and, once again, we had a really great time. Susan talked us into doing a Yankee Swap, but Cheryl and I were unsure. Holy cow, we had way more fun than expected, with Cheryl bringing the most sought after gift, a unicorn head!  Smith opened it first but Susan's DH thought it too good to pass up and he took possession. (Maybe you had to be there.)  Life is tough when you're a Mets fan, just sayin'.


A week or so ago our power was out for a few hours and I mentioned how I'd spent the evening wrapped in fleece reading by flashlight. Susan was incredulous that I hadn't wrap up in the warmth of something wooly. She generously gave me her latest project, a huge and beautiful Nuvem. I feel so fortunate to have a warm, cozy, BIG blanket of a wrap whenever the cold starts to creep into my bones.


I have been knitting! And, to do my own bit of paying it forward, I started a pair of gift mitts using Gale Zucker's new pattern Trip Mitts. They're quick knitting and have a fun, rustic, and very charming look. Did I mention how much fun I'm having knitting them?  They're just what you need when a little instant gratification is in order. I'm ending my year by knitting this pair and starting 2016 with another gift pair (just to even things out).

How are you beginning your knitting year? Something fun, something adventurous, something for yourself?

Have a very Happy New Year, friends!



Every once in awhile I've posted A Year in Review with pictures from each moth along with the first sentence of the first post of each month. The sentence and pictures may not be of the same subject. Instead of 10 Things I Did That Made Me Feel Proud, my Ten on Tuesday is this years review. 

January - "Happy,Happy New Year, friends!! Here it is a fresh new year, all dusted off from the trappings of 2014. 


February  - "In the center of our community garden is one of only 18 known labyrinths in Utah.


March -"Saturday was cold, somewhat wet but Smith and I made the best of the day by spending leisurely time together."


 April - "As of late, Vicki has been my hero. She not only helped me (inspired me, really) to change my banner, but  also dyed the yarn for my next project, Romi's Mystery Shawl 2015."


May - "I needed the weekend more than I can express and (of course) it went by in a flash."


June - "My day starts with KRCL's Acoustic Sunrise, as John plays a variety of tunes that ease me into my day."


July - "Something shifted in my life, I'm not sure exactly what or why, but before 2010 I was more productive when it came to knitting (and probably, everything else). "


August - "My weekend was broken up into segments, the total of which left me no time to do the usual errands and chores."


September - "I intended to have all sorts of pictures for you but we spent a serendipitous evening with our neighbors, which means my blogging time was used up, but I did pull together a list for Carole's 10 Seemingly Ordinary Things That Bring You Joy."

October - "Once upon a time, I made amazing pieces of lace, they were a frippery, a lovely indulgence, a glorious bit of fun, and, often time, challenging, demanding, a test of endurance."


November -"Instead of complaining about the loss of light, or being elated about the extra hour in my day, I'm going to go with the flow (once my body clock is reset a few days from now)."


December - "Carole made sure we could easily post  Tis, after all, Ten on Tuesday!

Another year over, another yet to come. Here's to 2016 being a fabulous year for us all. 



Hopefully, by the time this posts, the ground around us will be white with snow, with even more coming down in the mountains.  We have felt the anticipation all weekend of this coming snow event and, as I type this, I watch the clouds roll in hoping the "red sky at night" means waking to the "delight" of snow.  


Hopefully, the time I spent sewing this weekend means the Alabama Chanin bag it will soon be finished. The sides, the handle pieces, and one corner of the front/back remain to be outlined with red thread. The pocket is stitched onto the lining and the  lining is ready to sewing into place. I'm anticipating using this little pretty! 

I had anticipated reaching my reading challenge of 65 books and, as it turned out, I was able to complete the challenge this weekend. Yay me!  Reading and listening to 200 page (or shorter) books helped me reach my goal. One must be strategic.  

Many of us (and I know many of you) have been anticipating the next installment of the Serial podcast. Well, it's here! This is going to be an interesting listen. I am a podcast fan and I listen to a wide variety of genres. Music, spoken word, stories, and mediation, I'm always looking for something new and interesting.  Do you have a favorite podcast? 


Smith and I have anticipated the last day of Chanukah just so we could light all the candles of (almost) all the menorahs at one time. Now that's a way to get the light to return! 

Saturday Sky


Snow lightly fell, barely covering the mountains, then left us with little hope of more to come. Maybe Monday and Tuesday. We do not hold our collective breaths. Winter eludes this valley of ours, and even more disconcertingly, our mountains. The good part of this too warm winter is the time we can be out of doors without much bundling up. Time to get this Saturday on the move! 

Love This Season of Joy

That Carole is making sure we focus on the positive, wonderful things about this Holiday Season. She asked us to tell the '10 Things You Truly Enjoy About the Holiday Season'.  Here's my list!


 1.Lights-Hands down my favorite thing about the Season

2. Friends - No matter how near or far, friends make my world. 

3. Easy Good Cheer everywhere (Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!) - Everyone is hurried and stressed, but almost everyone has a Holiday salutation on their lips. 

4. Music - Classic tunes from the likes of Sinatra, but odd songs like Robert Earl King's Christmas With the Family

5. Flowers - Poinsettias, paperwhites, amaryllis-- if it's blooming (or about to be)  its beautiful!


6. Treats - I love almost all the seasonal favorites, from chocolates, to cookies & cakes, pies, and other tasty treats (whether I can eat them or not!). 

7. Giving - It's the best! Give to a charity, give to your loved ones...give!

8. The color red everywhere you look - clothes, decorations, lights, edible delights. It's the MUST color of the Season.

9. Snow, but only if it makes a white Christmas  (where oh where is our snow!?)

10. Peace--all around. I send it to everyone of you, from the end of this year to the beginning of the next. Peace begins with us, heart at a time. 

Sending you peace and joy this Holiday Season. You should feel only love and joy, NOT stress!! Make it so. 



Listening to....We went to a concert Saturday night (Jeff Hamilton Trio) and we have been listening to the CD we bought while there. FANTASTIC!

Thinking about... The fun weekend we had with not one, but TWO date nights. We saw Spectre, the newest Bond, which was too long, but kind of fun. 


Dreading... The inversion, commonly known as the "dreaded inversion". It's here. I'm just dreading it will stick around.

Planning... To turn blue again.


Celebrating... Chanukahmas (all month long) We love to celebrate the light!

Drinking...Water, wine, whiskey and tea

Itching to...Finish my AC bag (maybe soon!)

Needing to... Shop for Christmas

Organizing... I should be organizing my time, but it seems to be slipping through my fingers. 

 How are things in your world? 


Ten Good Things


Carole made sure we could easily post  Tis, after all, Ten on Tuesday!

During the month of November the Ten Good Things I did were:

Blogged every day. whew

Read a lot of blogs and commented on many. It was more fun to read what my friends were up to than it was to create my own posts.

Walked almost every day, but lost count around 26 miles. I think I made it close to 30 or so miles. We had days of ice, snow and cold and, on such days, it feels unsafe to walk.

Planted bulbs outside (before it got cold) and I'm hoping for a colorful spring (already). Planted bulbs inside, but I'm not sure anything is going to happen.

Talked to one of my sisters several times this month, as she just had heart surgery. I was very happy to be a source of information and encouragement.

Decorated the inside of the house with lights and made it feel festive enough to get me through December's long nights.

Spent as much time with friends as was possible (to my greatest benefit).

Sewed and knit and knit and sewed.

Worked hard at my job. This is a busy season.

Fed the birds! I gave them a handful of peanuts a few minutes ago and we had a nice visit.