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Our Christmas of 2015 was filled with all that's good. We spent with friends who are generous, talented, and who throw great party. Our dear friends Monica and Steve had a crowd over for a Christmas Day feast. Monica not only cooked dinner for a large group, but she also made cookies and treats for everyone to take home (YES, me included!). She is a friend who goes above and beyond. Sadly, I left my camera at home, so you only get a small representation of the treats she made.

Just as everyone dreams, snow fell Christmas Day covering the ground giving us a picturesque (if not treacherous) day. That night, just as we were leaving to head home, we saw the full moon. It was lovely night cap to our wonderful day.  The day after Christmas, Boxing Day apparently, was picture perfect, with the blue sky making the cold nearly bearable. Smith had the day off which meant we could meet friends for lunch. This time of year is all about sharing time with friends and family and, with our family so far away we feel grateful for our friends. 


Our fun didn't stop there, as we were invited to have dinner at now-blogfree-Susan's. Cheryl and Larry were there and, once again, we had a really great time. Susan talked us into doing a Yankee Swap, but Cheryl and I were unsure. Holy cow, we had way more fun than expected, with Cheryl bringing the most sought after gift, a unicorn head!  Smith opened it first but Susan's DH thought it too good to pass up and he took possession. (Maybe you had to be there.)  Life is tough when you're a Mets fan, just sayin'.


A week or so ago our power was out for a few hours and I mentioned how I'd spent the evening wrapped in fleece reading by flashlight. Susan was incredulous that I hadn't wrap up in the warmth of something wooly. She generously gave me her latest project, a huge and beautiful Nuvem. I feel so fortunate to have a warm, cozy, BIG blanket of a wrap whenever the cold starts to creep into my bones.


I have been knitting! And, to do my own bit of paying it forward, I started a pair of gift mitts using Gale Zucker's new pattern Trip Mitts. They're quick knitting and have a fun, rustic, and very charming look. Did I mention how much fun I'm having knitting them?  They're just what you need when a little instant gratification is in order. I'm ending my year by knitting this pair and starting 2016 with another gift pair (just to even things out).

How are you beginning your knitting year? Something fun, something adventurous, something for yourself?

Have a very Happy New Year, friends!



I love this recap of your holiday week. Yankee Swaps can be fun, especially if there's one gift that everyone has to have. Love your mitts and that wrap from Susan is gorgeous.

What a great post That unicorn is amazing.

Delicious treats, interesting unicorn, great mitts, and oh, that Nuvem! I would want to be wrapped up in it all day, reading and sipping tea. I bet you have such wonderful friends because you are one yourself. Happy New Year!

Oh, that wrap is FABULOUS!! So perfect.

I've finished a pair of Trip Mitts -- also a gift! I've another gift pair on deck, too, and perhaps that's also how I'll begin my knitting year.

Happy New Year to you both!!

The wrap steals the show--what a great antidote fo a drafty house or differing opinions on where the thermostat ought to be set.

We too had Christmas snow--what a treat. And, what a launch for a new year!

Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday weekend! And WOW about Nuvem - what a great gift!

Here we call those white elephant gift exchanges. They can be a blast!

OMG - that unicorn head!!!! (We call those swaps "white elephants" here in the midwest.) Spending time with friends and family is really THE BEST part of any holiday. I'm so happy you enjoyed such a wonderful celebration with great friends. (And that Nuvem. Ahh... heaven!) XO
PS - I think I need to knit up a pair of those mitts. I'm needing to "revitalize" my knitting, as that Henley with a Twist (while lovely; I'm sure I'll love it eventually) is taking a toll on my desire-to-knit.

The unicorn mask worked out great. I am glad to give it a new life in someone else's home.

I'm trying to convince B to wear the mask while on the bench. Maybe after his retention election. ;)
Enjoy your Nuvem!

Such a wonderful post! We have so much to be thankful for every day. I'm swatching for a sweater (that makes me think of you) Mountain High and hope to start this weekend as my other projects have been big fails! Happy New Year Margene!

What a post! I love the wrap you were gifted! I will have to look up both patterns. We certainly don't call it a Yankee swap down here in the South, but maybe we should, LOL. It all sounds like great fun. You have great friends, Margene, and I know you deserve them. Happy New Year!

love that photo of you in the blanket :) happy new year!! I'm knitting hats since that is the knitting mood I've been in.

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