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Hopefully, by the time this posts, the ground around us will be white with snow, with even more coming down in the mountains.  We have felt the anticipation all weekend of this coming snow event and, as I type this, I watch the clouds roll in hoping the "red sky at night" means waking to the "delight" of snow.  


Hopefully, the time I spent sewing this weekend means the Alabama Chanin bag it will soon be finished. The sides, the handle pieces, and one corner of the front/back remain to be outlined with red thread. The pocket is stitched onto the lining and the  lining is ready to sewing into place. I'm anticipating using this little pretty! 

I had anticipated reaching my reading challenge of 65 books and, as it turned out, I was able to complete the challenge this weekend. Yay me!  Reading and listening to 200 page (or shorter) books helped me reach my goal. One must be strategic.  

Many of us (and I know many of you) have been anticipating the next installment of the Serial podcast. Well, it's here! This is going to be an interesting listen. I am a podcast fan and I listen to a wide variety of genres. Music, spoken word, stories, and mediation, I'm always looking for something new and interesting.  Do you have a favorite podcast? 


Smith and I have anticipated the last day of Chanukah just so we could light all the candles of (almost) all the menorahs at one time. Now that's a way to get the light to return! 


Your menorahs are beautiful and a great way to celebrate the return of the light. I hope you got your snow storm! I'm excited about Serial's return. I think my favorite podcast is Books on the Nightstand. It posts every week and it's usually just about 30 minutes and they talk about all kinds of books. I just started my 80th book of the year. Woo hoo!

I am thinking snow, snow, snow! How's that? I hope you get lots, if not now,then soon. The menorahs are lovely. I don't listen to podcasts much, maybe I should expand my horizons. I hope you have a fabulous week, Margene. Happy Chanukah.

Congrats on finishing your challenge! Did you get your snow?

Beautiful, and it looks like they finally have a correct weather forecast. This is not microsnow

LOVELY light.

Oh, that bag really is a "little pretty." I can't wait!! Your menorahs are beautiful -- I love them all together. The light will begin to return SOON!

LOVE the light on those menorahs! You know I'm looking for a few new podcasts myself. I look forward to getting caught up again in Serial, but sorry, no recommendations!

The weather gods definitely listened to you.

No recommendations here either. Congratulations on reaching your goal! I'm going to go back and see what I've done for the year...and I'm going to set a 25 book goal for 2016. And that special!

The menorahs are just fabulous! What a wonderful way to LIGHT the seaon. Looks like you got LOTS of snow . . . Hope the mountains just keep getting more and more. (No help on the podcasts. I tend to load them on my iPod . . . and never listen.)

Isn't a full menorah the best? It's always a little sad because the holiday is over but also happy- it reminds me that the light will be returning soon, and longer days are coming back in just a few weeks.
I'm also happy to have Serial back. I listen to This American Life podcasts, and other than that, none that I stick with very well- sometimes Alec Baldwin's interview show, depending on the guests.

Love the candles all lit and glowing!! I read more than I thought I would but I'm not increasing my goal for next year. I want to read lots of different genres next year.

Congrats on your surpassing reading goals already for 2015! I am relatively new to podcasts and like you, I do like them...alot! They are great walking companions among other things.

Ahhh, that photo of the sky...truly superb...and like everyone, I too am wondering/hoping that it snowed.


PS. Looking fwd to seeing the AC bag!

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