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Day 24: Give Thanks

This post is brought to you by the annual "Thankful Post", but Carole put a little twist on it and brought it into the NOW! 

10 Things You Are Thankful For RIGHT NOW 

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1. Knowing all the members of my family are safe, albeit scatter across the county. I know they will each have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration of their own.

2. A roof over my head. Even more, a home.  I think of it as humble, but it is more than many people in this world have.

3. Electricity. It's hard to imagine life without it.

2. Running water. Chances are, without it, we would be sick constantly.

3. Easy access to a wealth of food (and wine).

4. Choice. I can come or go, eat or no, and safely walk the streets of my city and my neighborhood.

5. A good job that gives me more than a paycheck.

7. My own car. Being mobile means so much to me.

8. My friends. So, so many people make my world go round and I would not be the person I am without all their love, support, and encouragement.

9. My dearest husband.

10. My hands, my eyes, my legs, my heart.


I'm so glad you put "Choice" on your list. It's something I don't think about often and maybe even take for granted, but we are so lucky to be able to make all the choices we have in so many areas.

Beautiful list, all encompassing and thoughtful. Love you!

Your #4 really ring true this week! Have a beautiful Thanksgiving!

Wonderful. And #8, more than ever. Here's to friendship. xo

A wonderful list; one filled with blessings we sometimes too often take for granted.


So many don't have choice and yet it is too easy to take for granted. Thanks for the reminder!

Your heart is loved by my heart.

I love your list and you mention so many that I'm nodding yes to. Of course!! I really appreciate eyes now that I'm treating mine..

Beautiful list... especially #4 and #10.

I hope you and your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Choice is lovely--I wish I had thought of it!

That's a wonderful list, Margene! Heartfelt.
Wishing you & Smith a Happy Thanksgiving!

That is a wonderful list. Happy Thanksgiving!

What a wonderful list, Margene. Life is so very good -- and we have so much to be thankful for. I am so thankful to have you - and your friendship - in my life. XO

That's a wonderful list! And I'm thankful to have you as my sister! Happy Thanksgiving! Love you

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