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When you are the first child and, even better, the only child for three years, there are many advantages. Every event in your life is noted,  pictures taken, the big days and the every days captured. You are completely doted upon by every member of your extended family.

My parents had not one but two baby books for me. This one goes through my third year and both my mother and my father wrote (in fountain pen) notations on my life. I can see the two of them, my mother standing near my father while holding me and dad sitting at the table writing in the book.  They are having a conversation about my day, any "firsts" that may have occurred, and taking care to document them. 

 This page, makes me laugh as I am the same today. I dislike beeping, raspy noises, rattling, or anything too loud. My father wrote "Singing" and my mother wrote the clarification.


This page, which may be a little hard to read, tells of my first "real" haircut, the one that cut off my ringlets. My mother had a brand new baby, her second, and must have found it difficult to take care of my hair, as well as, a brand new baby.


Me at 3 1/2. The ringlets were cut off the next day. Mother kept the locks and I still have them safely tucked away. 

This record of my first 4 years, kept by my parents hands, is one of the most cherished items I own. 


What a beautiful child you were (and still are!). My mom kept a baby book like this for me too.

oh my goodness, what a treasure! I'm sure your mom hated to have those beautiful curls cut (but I can completely understand the practicality of it) ...and how special that you still have them tucked away.

what a treasure!! you were so loved :) I do not have anything that was documented about me...and you are so lucky.

What a treasure you have! Your curls were beautiful!

Your ringlets photo is amazing - you look like you're an advertisement for reading. :)

What a treasure! It must have been hard to cut those pretty ringlets off. So pretty!

A treasure indeed! What a wonderful glimpse into your childhood. Do you have memories of the day your ringlets were cut?

How lucky you are to have that book. I don't recall coming across anything like that while emptying my parents home. (I did find my report cards though...oyyy!)

I'll bet you felt really loved reading that book.

You look like a perfect little angel in this picture. Did you like the new baby?

What a wonderful keepsake!

Beautiful!! I am the eldest and the only one of 5 to have a baby book as well, and it is truly a treasure! Thank you for sharing a bit of yours.

Those books are amazing! I was the 3rd so there isn't much in my baby book. I love that photo of you with the ringlets and the book.

What an absolutely wonderful treasure! I love the lengthy notes your parents wrote, and your photo is really beautiful. I can only imagine what it took to get such perfect ringlets! Thanks for sharing!

And precious and cherished indeed it is! I *luv, luv* the photo of you and your Shirley Temple curls.
I have a baby book too…that I very conveniently updated - or wrote commentary - when I was about 10-12, I guess. I'll have to follow your lead and share some of my pages, with my commentary.
Thanks ever so much for sharing …and the inspiration. On the calendar it goes!


What an adorable photo!

I was a first-born, too. I have a fully-detailed baby book and many photos. (My sister? Not so much.) Your ringlets are so adorable -- and you look just precious. (No wonder your mom cried!)
Such a treasure. Thanks for sharing!

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