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Day 20: A Smaller World

One of the reasons I started an account at Postcrossing was to bring the world to my door. The idea of getting mail from around the world was very enticing. It's unlikely I'll ever travel outside the USA and it's even more unlikely I'll travel the around the world, but a postcard in my mail box from Germany, Ukraine, Australia, Malaysia, Russia, France, China, or Brazil, makes the world feel a smaller place. I have postcards from all across the world, over 160, so far.


The postcards can be anything the sender likes, but my listed preference are of landscape, costumes, crafts, birds, the sky, and something a little different, but used in many cultures, the umbrella. 


I now have a little collection of umbrella postcards and another of birds. Many Postcrossers send pictures of their landscape, native costumes or crafts. Some send a postcard they find funny or poignant. Everyone writes a little something on the card--sometimes a lovely note, sometimes a simple greeting. Any postcard is a welcome sight in  my mailbox. 


When my postcard arrives at its distant destination my address is given to another Postcrosser somewhere else in the world. I never get a postcard back from the person who sent it, unless we agree upon an exchange or become pen pals. The point of Postcrossing is to connect the world on a small scale and with a postcard you start a chain reaction of kindness and connection, final destination unknown.


A "good mail" day is always a little brighter! The kindness and connection goal is something that I feel in great need of these days, so I'm off to sign up for postcrossing. Thank you for sharing!

I've never heard of this - it's awesome!

Oh, what a wonderful collection you're growing! There are some beauties in there. ;)

I signed up for Postcrossing last winter after reading about it on your blog. I have received 70 postcards from people all over the world. Thank you for the recommendation!

This sounds really, really great. Thanks for letting me know it exists!

interesting and fun! I loved seeing your collection of cards!

This is so cool! I didn't know you could express an preference like birds and umbrellas. (Umbrellas?! Do they have a special symbolism?). I think I need to look into postcrossing a little more.

What a neat concept! You must have the greatest collection of postcards.

Wow! This looks so fun!

That sounds like fun! I like that you get to state your preferences.

It is a pretty rewarding hobby. And the stamps are often WONDERFUL.

I have never heard of this before! WOW! I love it!

Oh, that is so cool! Hmm. After I get through this work craziness, I might have to check it out.

What a novel take on the pen-pal concept with a slightly different twist…new to me and something I'd love to share with a pre-teen grandchild, had I one… so, I may just have to look into this for myself…
One of my favorite children's books is Umbrella by Taro Yashima; are you familiar with it? It's a charming story.


This is the best Margene! Wow!

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