Day 6: Good Friends
Day 8: Poetry Reading


what a beautiful late afternoon sky! it looks like a painting (which I know you understand is a huge compliment to nature...and to your photography!)

Beautiful sky! Tomorrow our temps will drop. Enjoying the sun today.

I love that you have puffy yellow clouds!

Frost on our deck--we too had a clear night.

Love the yellow clouds!

So very pretty. As long as the sun shines I can deal with chilly nights too.

I thought it was an old print at first the colors are so soft and pastel. Thank you for sharing it.

You have the very best skies, but what we were we thinking....blogging every day? <3

Glowing! Just lovely! XO

Yeah, I'm a lot less unhappy about it being cold if it's also sunny. :)

I once entertained the thought of moving to Utah…seeing this photo has me wishing I had! Love the yellow clouds…
Superb photo; thanks for sharing…it was definitely not like this in my parts yesterday!


our warm weather has turned a bit cooler but not freezing cold the way I love it! Beautiful photo!

Such beautiful colors!

Gorgeous... as always!

Wow! I love that Utah sky!

Beautiful! I am with you on the sun.

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