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Day 6: Good Friends


Without Vicki's inspiration I would not have been enticed by Alabama Chanin, would not have knit Different Lines, would not be knitting a new cowl and getting my walk on. There are so many things I've knit and done over the years by following Vicki. She dyed yarn for my Color Affection, Different Lines, and Moon Shadows. She, also, made my blog header and encouraged me to update the blog to the responsive format, as well as to blog every day in November (as did many other friends). My life is better because of this blog, which has, in turned, introduced me to artistic and multi-talented friends, like Vicki. She's a grand person and you should now go and wish her a Happy Birthday!!


Vicki is a wonderful virtual (and real life!) friend We are so fortunate to have the amazing community of creative people that we do.

Great photo of the two of you. :)

Here's to good friends! Those smiles are contagious!

Great warmth and happiness exude in that photo of you two! A dear friend is a blessing and priceless.


Awwww. Thank you, Margene! Blogging, and the friends made because of blogging, has certainly changed my life... and definitely for the better! It's hard to imagine how what life would be like without it. Love you!!

Vicki sounds like a great friend. I'm glad I have gotten to know her a bit through the blogosphere!

Blogging is a generous thing to do--so much inspiration and laughs and most importantly, good cyber friends.

What a treat to see such a great photo of the two of you together!

Good woman. Both of you.

I think you have to keep her forever as a friend. Lovely way our friends inspire us!!

The internet is a wonderful channel for inspiration, but when you get to meet the people in person, that's the best. I join you in wishing Vicki the best of happy birthdays!

Aw, fantastic! The funny thing is that, before I read your post, I really sat and looked at your header and though about how different it was from the very old Zeneedle one I remember from when I first discovered your blog. . . during the Sally Melville raglan sweater KAL in 2004. Lo and behold, there's some Vicki behind this new format. How fantastic!

Couldn't agree more about how talented and inspiring Vicki is. Love that photo of the two fo you.

Vicki is just awesome! So inspiring, too. She leads me down many, many creative paths. . .

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