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Day 4: Sweater Weather

In the year 2009, my friend Susan thought it would be a great idea if we knit one sweater per month. Cheryl and I (and many of you) got right on board. We could do this and we DID! Although, I came up a little short due to a bump in the road. After that eventful year, my knitting desire tended to wan and I knit mostly small projects, including several pairs of Susan's Ragtop, a dozen shawls, or so, and about 1 sweater per year (if that).

Instead of knitting as much as I once did, I read more, spent more time with friends, and I was enticed into the Alabama Chanin sewing circle. In actuality, I'm not sure what I do with my time, but then there is that job thing, along with several other distractions. Knitting hasn't taken a backseat, but I am not able to knit at the lightning speed I once did. In fact, I wonder how I ever managed to knit a sweater a month, as it all seems an impossibility. 


Recently, the desire to wear a new hand knit sweater has come on strong and the only person I know who will make me a new hand knit sweater is ME.  When it comes to sweaters I like a classic style, a simple cardigan I can wear with anything. Languishing in my considerable stash of sweater yarns was classic Rowanspun wool in the very classic color of gray. I found a pattern, Amy Herzog's Cayley, which matched up to the gauge I wanted, and I've been knitting, sans embellishment, as a plain, virtuous cardigan is all I desire.  I am already thinking about the next sweater, but first things first, this one must be completed. 

Book Reveal: 1. House of Spirits by Isabel Allende, 2. When Women Were Birds by Terry Tempest Williams, 3. All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy, 4. Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera, 5. The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver, 6. The Garden of Evening Mists by Tan Twan Eng, 7. 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez, 8. Snow Country by Yasunari Kawabata, 9. Piano Man's Daughter by Timothy Findley, 10. Clover by Dori Sanders.


I don't think I would like to knit a sweater a month, the pressure!! I do like to knit sweaters and wear them!! Love yours and that color is divine!!!

It is indeed sweater weather soon and you're going to have a lovely, wear-with-anything cardigan. There are many books I haven't read in your book reveal, and many that I read but don't remember. Time for a reread of The Bean Trees; I always think of that opening sentence when I'm putting air in my tires!

The cardigan pattern is just the right combination of challenging and mindless knitting! A sweater a month--did you knit in your sleep?

Thanks for the list of books from yesterday's post. There are several,that I need to read and some to reread.

Ooohhhh, that's going to be a wonderful sweater!! Perfect.

A sweater a month... the things we get into with our friends!! :)

A sweater a month! I commend you; I am doing good to do one in a lifetime! Not to say I've not started - and have the yarns/patterns for, also - many...but never seem to have gotten into the groove. Your current project looks perfect and well on its way to being finished. Congrats, enjoy and stay warm!

Thanks for the book list; I've read not a single one but a resource for sure for the future.

Knit on and

That is very pretty. I'm so happy to see you knitting a sweater again!

12 in 2016!

The 12-in-2009 was how I "met" you! XO I'll always remember that challenge fondly -- even though most of the sweaters I knit that year have been KonMari'd right out of my life. Anyway, I love your new sweater! It will be lovely -- and just perfect for you.

^ Yeah, right, Susan. Once was enough.

That's a lovely, classic cardigan pattern.

There's nothing better than a plain ole cardigan and that's going to be perfect and very wearable in that color. No wonder I didn't recognize any of your opening lines, the only book on that list I have read is The Bean Trees, and if I recall correctly, I sort of hated it.

Wow! That takes me back. Sometimes I have a hard time believing that it has been so long. That cardigan is going to be so great! You have taken the time over the years to pay attention and know what you want in a sweater. I'm plugging away on a cardigan now, too. I'm enjoying my plain stockinette while my brain rests, and then I will only have sleeves left to knit. xo

I have a hard time knitting a sweater a year, let alone once a month. You rocked that challenge!!
I love the color you are knitting with. What are the stitch markers marking?

Still a very grand accomplishment (but so much knitting!). I'm a one a year girl at this point too. I think the color and pattern you're working on are wonderfully classic and will be great wardrobe addition.

I think you're knitting at the perfect speed for you...and all that gray yarn. Promise me you'll holler if you want something else. faster.! and on the books...Clover is a new-to-me title. TBR'ing it. thank you for the recommendations!

That's a beautiful sweater pattern. I love the lacey details. It will look gorgeous on you!

And Keens! I spy Keens! :)

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