Day 29: Snowy Sunday Selfie
Ten Good Things

Day 30: Weekended

Friday - I shopped, but only at the LYS and local grocery. I also cleaned, cleared, and organized, even started to decorate. But, most of my day was spent with my nose buried in a book. I crafted in the evening, but it was not the focus of my day. 


Saturday - Lunch with a friend, but the rest of the afternoon was stringing lights, placing menorahs, putting poinsettias here and there, mixing in a Santa or two. But, mostly I read (or listened) as much of the day as I possibly could. Since my hands were free, I worked on my Alabama Chanin market bag and made good progress. I have made a renewed promise to finish it (soon). Crafting is one of the main reasons I love listening to books. 

Sunday - Decisions were made...the cowl project abandon and a fire lit under the desire to get the sweater off square one. I was 10 books behind in my reading challenge, but by reading as much as I could this weekend, I have only 5 books to go. The market bag and the sweater will help me reach my goal of 65 books this year--or at least I hope so! 

Thank goodness today the 30th! whew


I really should listen to books more than read - I could multitask and get some knitting done, too. I tend to only listen in the car and not at home.

Yay for Day 30!!! :-) I abandoned the cowl long ago. (Just wasn't something I'd choose.) I so love your AC project. That red thread is DIVINE.

It sounds like you had a very productive weekend. I am so behind with my reading too. I fear December will not be productive in that are for me!

I wouldn't have guessed it would ever happen, but I listen far more than I eye read. It's the perfect way to multitask for me. I've been a little distracted by life lately, but spent much of the weekend reading also and it was perfect!

Wow! You got a lot done! It sounds like a perfect Sunday!

Great weekend. Multiple menorahs....we are luck to get ONE up and running.

Sounds like a great weekend! I love your lights! Someday, I'll give audio books another shot. I think I just prefer holding a book, though. I've been plugging away at the cowl; I've barely taken off the one that I finished a few weeks ago, so figure I could use another. I'm looking forward to your sweater finish.

You did it!!

Beautiful AC project! Can't wait to see it done and more of your sweater. .

You were very productive! All I did was move my office...after 20 years in the same place. Not that fun.

Wow, you got SO MUCH DONE over the weekend. :)

That's an impressive weekend--also an impressive number of books. I've been listening to a lot of boos as I work on photo editing at my computer--it's a joy to be able to listen to books that I wouldn't have time to read.
Looking forward to seeing your sweater and the market bag!

I love the tablescape with the lights and menorahs. I'm glad we get to celebrate our holidays of lights in a month that's dark and cold. I don't think it would have nearly as much meaning if it were summer.

I am impressed at how quickly you are catching up to your reading challenge. I wish I could do that as fast but then I'd have to knit less. Lovely first photo of the menorahs and lights :)

Since I also do a lot of projects that require my hands, reading audio books should be much higher on my list...not so, yet...but I'm working out a plan to step up that form of, thanks for the encouragement, a lot!
Intrigued with the AC project; looks so lovely and of these days, after I'm cloned...


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