Day 28: No View
Day 30: Weekended


You look adorable! You should definitely put the blue back in your hair. What a great winter accent!

Smith is right! :D

Another vote with Smith! It's nice to see your Cactus Flower in action!

i vote with smith

Yup. Cute.

it is very very cute :) I love it!

Smith was right.

Smith knows best! Fun selfie!

You're lovely, as always!

I think it's a wonderful selfie. I love you and I love Smith, too.

Your blue eyes are gorgeous.

It's a wonderful selfie! (Smith knows what he's talkin' about.) XO

Smith is always right. Definitely cute! Your smile says it all. <3

Smith is right! Another shot of color in your hair is one way to brighten up winter!! ;)

Smith is a smart man! Looking good Margene! (Though a little chilly!)

It is cute - do it more often!

I'm a huge fan of selfies... and this one of you is adorable. I'm so glad you shared it.

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