Day 27: Delicious Day
Day 29: Snowy Sunday Selfie

Day 28: No View


You know my view well enough to imagine what sits behind this wall of gray. The good news is it is snowing, but don't get too excited, as the reports from the mountains sit at 2".  That is inches, NOT feet. We hope. We also send safe traveling thoughts to friends who are on the road, as it will be very slippery out there. Be safe, be well, my friends. 


Wow. That is a wall of gray!! I hope you don't have to go anywhere yourself today!

That wall of gray looks like there's at least 2 feet of snow behind it! Hope you can stay inside and enjoy some cozy weekend time.

Love this! Especially the caption. Trust all who are traveling safely make it to their destinations and that you too have enjoyed cozy weekend time!


We had a lot of fog Thanksgiving night and Friday because it was so warm. Yesterday we had rain all day. I'm ready for some sunshine!

Challenging as the weather can be, I am glad not to be braving the icy roads of my home state, Nebraska! And, it is a great hunker down day!

Quite the wall of gray for just 2 inches of snow! We had rain yesterday and now onto bright sun today.

It's pretty amazing when your view goes away. Hope the snow keeps on falling. . .

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