Day 22: Sunday Serenity
Day 24: Give Thanks

Day 23: Weekend Blur

When the weekends are so packed with life from beginning to end, and it is near 10:00pm Sunday night and you trying to sort things out for a blog post, it is best to jump to the last few things that happened. 


The weekend involved time with friends, time for movies, and time for dining out, but not enough time to do everything I'd like to have done.  There was a little time for knitting, sewing, and walking. I am Marching Through Time. Sunday afternoon Smith and I thought it was a fine enough day we could walk along the Jordan River Parkway. The sky was brilliantly blue, but the air grew colder and colder. We started at 4800 So. and walked until the sun started to set and it become too cold and dark to continue. Part of the river had a thin layer of ice, which had very likely formed a few days before and never had a chance to melt. The ice would certainly thicken overnight. 


The last thing I did, before falling into bed, was make an unplanned pot of soup. We had a fridge full of veggies, a bunch of leftover chicken, and Vicki's Roasted Tomato Sauce in the freezer. It all translated to a big pot of deliciousness. I love it when unplanned happenings turnout so well. 

Psst. Speaking of unplanned...check out the newest new header on my blog. Vicki was inspired by my Saturday's sky and decided to redo the redo! I LOVE IT! 


What a beautiful place for a walk!

A lovely weekend and thanks so very much for sharing with us. {sigh} How nice it would be to have that lovely river parkway. Soup sounds delish and just right for a chilly near-winter day. Love the new header - it's perfect for the blog.
7 days to go!

Oh, what a lovely place for a walk!!

I love today's photos, too. And that one in your blog header is a stunner. Truly.

Your photos look a lot warmer than it must have been. The redo of the redo is absolutely gorgeous!

The redo of the redo is beautiful!

The header keeps getting better.

The 2(redo) is fabulous! :-)
And what a beautiful place to walk. Such a lovely spot.

Awesome banner! I noticed something looked different. :-) A beautiful walk and expected soup making is wonderful. Enjoy!

It sounds as though you had such a nice weekend that the time flew by. Good for you!!! I hope you have a very short week, a wonderful holiday, and remember that I am very thankful for YOU.

love the new header and my those photos are gorgeous. WE have no leaves left on the trees except the stubborn oak tree.

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