Day 1: Standard Time
Day 3: One Liner

Day 2: Best Part of the Weekend


My usual sushi chef had the day off, which turned out to be a wonderful thing, as it was the big boss sushi chef who made my sushi! Part of going out for sushi is the fun of having the chef make anything he thinks I'll like. The chef needs to carefully clean the work station, as my roll cannot be contaminated by gluten and the place we go takes extra care. I love the attention to detail and the beauty of their art. This cucumber wrapped tuna and Japanese striped yellow jack was one of the most delicious and freshest bites I've had. The chef followed with two more amazing rolls. The best part, however, was visiting with a friend I only see a few times a year. 

Halloween was spent alone watching the World Series. We never have kids come by so candy wasn't a worry. I'm a fan of good baseball and because every game has been great baseball, I don't honestly care who wins, although Monica and Susan will call me a fair weather fan. (Susan already did!) 

I enjoyed a visit with Cheryl, as we were the only two to show up at SnB. We knew a couple of friends were traveling so it wasn't a big surprise. I have to say what a good friend Cheryl is, as she did her best to comfort me and cheer me up, as she knew I'd had a bad day. 

The weekends give me a chance to spend time with friends, and friends hold my world together, especially when Smith works late night shifts. Spending time with you, dear friends, as we go though a month of posting together, being there for each other, and play off each others ideas, should be very fun. 

How was your weekend? I'm off to read all about it. 


Sorry for the rough day, but the good parts of your weekend sound very good. Sushi is so beautiful. I wish I could love eating it. I've tried, but mentally can't get over the raw bits and haven't developed a taste for nori...that's so limiting that I just don't bother anymore.

I hope rough days are behind you. Yay for friends!

I hope you find comfort and joy with your wonderful friends...and eating sushi is the best part of any weekend! It almost looks too beautiful to eat!
Have you ever tried any Craftsy classes? I've had wonderful experiences with them...they help to pass some long winter nights and it's exciting to learn something new! Be wild and learn something you know nothing's great fun!

I am not a sushi fan, but I think it's wonderful that your sushi chef takes such good care of you. It's always nice to go out to dinner and I can only imagine how hard it is to go out and have your food completely gluten free.

Your sushi looks almost too pretty to eat, especially with the cucumber wrap. I hope your bad day was just that - only one day.

Here is to hoping today is not so bad. I hate when Texas has weird shifts. xoxo

Sushi is so beautiful. A chef who cares is beautiful. Friends who are with you when you're hurting are beautiful. Your post is a beautiful start for the week.

Your sushi looks beautiful, and tasty. So sorry for the other part of your weekend. Love you!

Glad you got some quality time with a good friend and that this week is off to a better start. And I'm happy KC won but sorry it went the way it did for the Mets!

That sushi looks AMAZING! (Mmmmm.) So sorry that there was something Not Nice in your weekend; I'm hoping that you've bounced back. The baseball was pretty exciting -- especially since I didn't have any team-alliance this go 'round. (I'm just happy Halloween is over. Not one of my favorite holidays. . . ) XO

That sushi looks so good! And I hope you are feeling better about the bad.thing.that.happened. Love you!

Here's hoping we both do our best to maintain the best attitude we can during these dark days of winter. We Can Do It! I am not into sushi, but it looks beautiful. Do something nice for yourself every day, Margene, mindfully. It will help, and I am going to send you good vibes. It's wonderful you have such good friends.

Oh, man, I need to go out for SUSHI!! It's even better with friends. ;)
I am looking forward to this month!

Great sushi place, they really get it. Hope you are getting back on the even keel.

I'm sorry you had a rough day yesterday, but it's great you were able to spend time with friends.

Glad Cheryl was there to cheer you up. :)

That roll looks amazing!

The sushi makes my mouth water…Note to self: go to a sushi bar, soon…with a good friend!

I hope today finds life better for you and aren't we lucky to have great friends who
bring cheer and understanding to our lives?


that sushi looks amazing! I hope you had a better day today... and hey! only 28 more days to go!

Sounds like your weekend had some lovely bits. Here's hoping for many more. xo

I'm not a sushi fan either but do love that sushi chef that had the day off. Glad his boss treated you well. Rick missed out but know you had great sushi.

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