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Day 18: KAL/Walk Along


The state of my March Through Time cowl has changed little since you last saw it, but the walking part of the "March", as been going well.  The weather until the last couple of days has been good and I've been walking from our house to the garden, around the labyrinth, up and around the canal, and then back home again. I can stretch it from 1 1/2 miles to 2 1/2 miles easily. Monday was very cold and windy, and I admit I skipped the day. Cold would be okay, but the north wind was beyond my intrepidness.

23076625716_b52a03ffb9_kColors in this photo are not representative. 

The important thing, is I am walking frequently and going a little farther. I'd rather walk in the dark of the evening than in the dark of the morning, which are my only options.  This is the time of year I think of buying a treadmill, but a membership to the nearby community center might make more sense.  Or, just hightailing it down to the local mall (which I actually, dislike quite a bit).  Answers will come, I have no doubt.

The sweater back is an inch from the finish line and my Alabama Chainin market bag has had more attention, too. This week should be a little quieter and, perhaps, the weekend will be, too. More stitching and knitting should happen!


You're making great progress on the sweater! I can't wait to see it. . . I, too, am keeping up with the walking (except on the bitter-wind kind of days), but haven't yet cast on for the cowl. (Maybe today. I'm madly casting off on my super-secret project.) The weather is definitely turning into "knitting-weather" around here -- when it's best to just sit home and knit!

The trip to Vegas derailed some of my walking momentum, plus plantar fasciitis which is brutal right now. Still, I'm trying to walk at least 3 days/week. I'm almost done with week 2 of the clue, hope to catch up tonight.

Walking in the dark is tough, but like you said, there's really not much choice at this time of year. I've been wearing my bright yellow reflective vest and carrying a flashlight - less than flattering, but they help me get a walk in safely. Keep going!

Your labyrinth is really awesome.

I would be afraid to walk in the dark here, no street lights and no side walks. That is trouble waiting to happen. I think a membership would be better than owning a piece of equipment...but that is just me.

Can't wait to see it....I will be at knitting both Saturday and Sunday. Keep on walking

I'm keeping up with the walking part of the KAl, with my dog Jack, though not the knitting. My yarn that I had wound and put in my knitting bag has completely disappeared into thin air. Waiting for it's replacement in the mail. Love your labyrinth!

Bonny is so right. I used to drive to work in the dark at this time of year and nearly took out pedestrians who were dressed in dark colors. I am totally with you on the mall!

I've gotten pretty good at pacing around the house and stepping in place when the weather is rainy or too hot. It's not as good as getting outside, but if I keep my mind occupied with a show on Netflix, then I can rack up the steps without it feeling so much like a chore. I'm am not a fan of mall walking!

I haven't been walking much at all in the last couple of months, and I'm really feeling it. Glad you're keeping up!

What fun to have a labyrinth …the closest I come to one is going to the grocery store! Weaving up/down, in/out/back/forth the aisles - because even with a list, one oft remembers something, etc…I also find it's a great way to get in more steps in a week…about the only justification I have for going to the grocery store other than I guess I have to eat!
Every journey begins with a single step or stitch…carry on!


Oh, I haven't walked a labyrinth in ages! I haven't skipped a day yet, but it's definitely becoming more challenging. I, too, would rather walk in the dark of night than of morning, but prefer not walking in the dark at all!! There were wet patches on the sidewalk today and it won't belong before there's danger of ice, and I fear that more than just about anything. I do not frequent the mall much, either, but it's a great place for walking (if you go at the right time).

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