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Having a "hang out" isn't something we think about. This is Utah and local bars and pubs just aren't a usual thing, at least not in the 'burbs where we live.  We have a favorite restaurant or two, but not a bar or any kind of "Hang Out". Carole asked in the Ten on Tuesday query,  What are the Ten Places We Hanging Out but, as it turns out when it comes to hanging out, there is no place like home.

My favorite places are:

1.  Our living room, most of the time this is where you'll find us.  This is our most oft used room, the place we sit when we come home from work and catch up on our day, the place Smith reads the paper, and I do most everything. 

2. Lone Star Taqueria, especially their patio in summer, although we go a once or twice a month all year round. This is one of our favorite places to go when it's just the two of us or when we're meeting up with friends. 

3. On the couch, which is where all my crafting supplies hangs out, so this is where you'll often find me. Yes, it's in the living room, but it's still a place within the living room. This is where I sit and read, craft, talk on the phone, even watch movies and sometimes eat a snack. I like being here when Smith is working. It's my comfy zone. 

4. Stella Grill, when we want a quick night out. They know us and treat us well. We can eat as simply as a burger or a nice entree style meal, cocktails, wine, beer and a special GF dessert (Chocolate Decadence cake, in case you're wondering). 


5. On our patio. Only in summer. We hang it there if it's not too hot and we often have dinner there if the weather is fine.  It's not a very fancy spot, mostly rocks and concrete, but with the wind chimes, Japanese lantern, and my garden goddesses, we call it home. 


6. Silver Lake, which is at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon is one of my very favorite places to go when the snow is gone from the mountains. It's a place I can go alone, with Smith, with friends and family, a place I can feel my body relax and my soul sing.  Once in awhile we catch sight of a moose or three. The walk is an easy mile around the lake, but it's also the trailhead to several longer hikes. 

7. Our family room, the place we watch the occasional TV show. This is Smith's favorite place, but I only hangout there if he's at home. 

8. The kitchen. This is where we cook, clean up, and afterwards sit at the table to eat--or work, sometimes craft, or when friends come over. This is our "bar", the place we often entertain. 

9.  The Jitterbug with my SLC SnB grrls. We meet up a couple of times and week and it's always nice to catch up with everyone. I learn so much from the SnB girls and little of it has to do with knitting. 

10. My favorite hangout is anywhere my friends and family like to be. 

Ten on Tuesday brought to you by Carole Knits.



My best hangout is home, too! (I feel really lucky to have "visited" most of your hang outs with you. But, you know . . . I've never seen your family room!?!) XO

You're right, there is no place like home! Except maybe Silver Lake. All of your photos of it are lovely, and this one especially so. Your description makes me want to go hang out there right now.

your number 10 is sweet! i hang out in my family room most of the time. Or the kitchen table. lovely seeing your places!

I think my favorite thing about your list is that I've hung out with you at several of these places - Lone Star, Silver Lake, Jitterbug and, of course, your living room, your kitchen, your patio. AND I've seen the family room, too!

Silver Lake is always so beautiful in your pictures. Honestly, I really don't have hang-outs other than home.

Lone Star, Stella, Silver Lake, Albion Basin, Blazing Needles....shall I go on, and on, and on...some of the many, many reasons I miss Salt Lake City and the mountains. Always wish I could have figured out a way to stay on in what I thought was my forever home in Holladay. But alas, no job, no staying in such a beautiful place. I REALLY love seeing all of your photos, and your blog...even if it makes me homesick for Utah and the West.

So many great places to hang out. Silver Lake looks so beautiful!

Your last item is always the best hangout!

Those are all wonderful spots, and I'm glad that they've been shared with me on many occasions.

There's no place like home!!

Home indeed is the best! and yours sound well used and loved…like you, I really don't have any favorites beyond Zeke's and home.

It just doesn't get any better than #10 does it? And that lake...spectacular!

My favorite hangout is home, too! Especially my chaise lounge (reading, knitting) and my dining room table (art journaling).

#10, absolutely!

I think I like your hangouts a LOT. Especially the SnB.

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