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Day 16: To Be - It Was

My Saturday afternoon was spent with Cheryl at Hamlet with Benedict Cumberbatch, which was almost as fabulous being there in person would be. Ok, well, maybe not quite, but it was very good and we enjoyed it immensely. 


Not everyone loves Shakespeare, I understand that, but it doesn't take a "Shakespeare ear" to enjoy a great production and seeing Benjamin would get you through it. The production was from the National Theater Live (of London) and it was a one off...Saturday was the only showing for our area. 

The rest of the time was spent doing what I usually do on the weekends, erranding, gathering groceries, laundry and trying to get ahead of myself come Monday. But... addition, we planted the 75 bulbs Smith bought last weekend because the weather peoples say there is a storm coming in Monday. The wind blew all day Sunday, but became stronger and more steady as night fell. I'll let you know how it plays out. 

How was your weekend? 


I think Benedict would make Shakespeare much more interesting to me! You planted the bulbs at the perfect time and I hope the storm is the pretty kind, not the inconveniencing kind.

What fun!

We are also on storm watch. Which of the multiple scenarios will play out? The production of Hamlet sounds amazing!

I could watch that for sure!

Psst! Benedict. Not Benjamin. ;-D

I'd have loved to see that production of Hamlet. And man, that's a LOT of bulbs!

The closest venue to me is in Madison (2-hour drive), and I hardly get there anymore since my sister moved. So many productions that I would enjoy!! You & Kym are going to have some major loveliness come spring.

That is alot of bulbs! Good for you.

I would LOVE to see it! (I love Shakespeare and Hamlet, and especially when they intersect with the Cumberbatch.) Doesn't it feel GREAT to have those bulbs in the ground??? XO

sadly, I had no Cumberbatch and no bulbs in my weekend. I did enjoy one last bit of fall with a long walk and then shared pizza with Katie & Marc...and few stories with Charlie.

I love those televised events…like "attending" the Metropolitan Opera. I think watching in a theater on a big screen is better than "being there." There's so much more one can see and hear.
Glad you had that interlude among all those "weekending" chore-tpe activities…


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