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I've never been to Paris, but my thoughts are certainly with the people of France and their beloved city of Paris. Many of my friends have been to Paris and love it completely. Facebook gave me the chance to make my selfie into the image of the flag of France and I did. Love is the answer. It is not easy, but imagine, love, do not be full of fear.  


The most challenging part of "love" is trying to understand the perpetrators. How sad that this special place was desecrated by these thugs.

I wish there was more we could do, but seeing all the French flag profile pictures on facebook is a somewhat heart-lifting start. I think you're right that love is the answer, and that has to start small and grow.

It's just all so unthinkable. I've never been either...but want to go. I saw something on the news this over fear.

Great selfie! And an even better sentiment. Love, love, love, no fear. I was really touched by the man in France who played the piano in the street of John Lennon's Imagine. How perfect is that?

Paris is on my list... even more now!

So love Paris. Heartbreaking . . . no matter where in the world.

beautiful image to accompany such a heartfelt message. All the love and outpouring of support has been wonderful to see.

Beautiful! As you mon ami. You must go one day, it's a lovely place.

Good thoughts after such a devastating weekend.

Thoughts with Paris and Beirut and Baghdad - there were bombings in all three on the same day.

Never been to Paris though my mother was born there. One day I will. Until then I pray the world comes to its senses and this violence and war on humanity stops.

Oh Margene, my friend and I were just discussing this very's all about love. And we must get rid of the fear. Maybe we can make a difference....

Beautiful picture and even better message.

This is just the greatest response ---LOVE. I don't Facebook even tho' I do have an account…I may have to be a little more up on their responses to world-wide concerns. It is so sad that we can't live in this world as one.


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