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Day 11: Winter WIPs

Winter made its first real appearance yesterday and tried as hard as it might to cover the ground with white. In our neck of the woods only a slight dusting covered the lawns and only wet covered the roads.  The temperatures stayed in the 30s and since I left home without my mitts, I really felt the cold. I will not be doing that again and might even put an extra pair in my car.


Last week I got a good start on the March Through Time cowl and finished clue 1 in time for the release of clue 2. I haven't had one second to look at clue or to put a single stitch into my knitting (or sewing for that matter). The cowl may languish over the next few weeks, as the cold reminds me I could use with a new sweater and, since I am almost finished with the back, my time would be well spent on this one project.

Until yesterday's cold, wet day, I walked daily to keep up with the KAL. March Through Time is about getting your fitness on, as well as, working on the cowl project. If I keep up the walking I will call this KAL a success, even if I do not end up with a finished object. My iPod has been a my companion, although ne thing I love about walking is I can listen to my iPod, listen to a book or a podcast. I've been reading and listening to Nora Webster by Colm Tóibín, switching off with music to keep my step up. So far so good, I'm getting in my mile. 


Lovely WIPS, all! There's nothing like a shot of winter to remind knitters how useful knitting is. Plain Ol' Gray is going to be wonderfully warm and cozy. I know I won't have a cowl at the end of the KAL (as I haven't even cast on!) but it is inspiring me to walk every day, even when it's dark and rainy. Keep it up!

That is wonderful that you have been walking! Fitness plus a little knitting is a definite win.

The sweater and the cowl look lovely together! Mentally I'm not prepared for cold weather, but it sounds like I don't really have a choice. That cold weather you're getting is heading our direction.

I am thankful to get off of work a little early a couple days a week (usually) and to have a day off so I don't have to do all of my weekday walking in the dark! Everyday, so far, including already this morning (I was at the credit union before they opened!). Cold, windy weather is on the way and there's a snowflake in the forecast for Friday! (I'm not as excited about that as the exclamation point might make it seem...)

We woke up to about 6 inches of heavy wet snow. The back yard looks really pretty. March Through Time sounds intriguing. I need to find out more!

A little bit of early winter won't stop you!

I didn't get to finish my first clue last week but now that I'm back from Vegas and still have the rest of the week off I hope to catch up. It was cold in Vegas yesterday, too!

Oh the winter is coming isn't it? Your wips are nice Margene and I agree keep walking and knit the sweater.

Oh, if only I were cloned! I love the idea of the KAL and the cowl is going to be lovely. But I have too many projects as it is and I've promised myself: no more!!! Can still walk tho' and pretend I'm knitting…perhaps in due time.
Stay warm…good idea to have an extra pair of gloves in the car.


Brrrrr about not having your mitts! I keep a little pair of (cheap storebought) stretchy gloves in my bag, just in case I lose a mitten/glove, etc.

I'm not at all happy with the cold! Although the mountains were really pretty today with their new white coat.

I've been keeping up with the walking part of the KAL -- no problem (mostly because the weather has been so glorious; let's see what happens when the predicted storm blows in tomorrow. . . ). I haven't knit a stitch of the cowl, though. (Maybe this weekend.) I love the grey sweater. It looks like a perfect companion for these colder days on the horizon!

my iPhone is my constant walking companion (books or podcasts) - unless I have a friend with me, which is the best company of all! I look forward to seeing those WIPs become FOs, and agree, Cayley is going to be just the thing to keep you warm!

funny I don't listen to anything when I walk, when I knit I either read a book or listen to a podcast. Pretty knitting you got there :)

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