Waiting for Winter
Day 2: Best Part of the Weekend

Day 1: Standard Time


Instead of complaining about the loss of light, or being elated about the extra hour in my day, I'm going to go with the flow (once my body clock is reset a few days from now).  For me, the return of Standard Time feels like the beginning of winter, a reminder of the long dark nights ahead, neither of which I like very much, but will get through the next few months just like I have for many, many years. I have thoughts on how to keep the blues away, a mental list of things to do in order to stay on an even keel, and I think I can do this. I WILL do this. 


I had a bad day yesterday and I thought about not doing NaBloPoMo, but today I'm glad I waited to post as Vicki lead me to a new KAL. It might help with my fitness level and my mental attitude. I'm fairly sure I have yarn I can use and I know I have the desire to knit something new, plus I think a little Startitis is not a bad thing.  I will do this. 


Now you've got me thinking about it also! I read Vicki's post, and thought "I really can't join one more thing in November. " But the pattern info. says you don't even have to knit the cowl to join in the walking fun, so I think I may join for the walking motivation and save the knitting for later. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation!

I'm sorry you had a bad day yesterday, but yay for a new day/month/outlook!! I'm so glad we'll be walking and knitting together. It'll be so much more fun with company and encouragement from friends!! ;)

Sorry to hear about your bad day. I'm glad you're plugging away with us, though! I think I'm going to sign up for that KAL, too. The more the merrier, just like NaBloPoMo!

You have the right attitude Margene! I am thinking about joining the KAL now too. I need to be better with my walking. This would be great! I'm pretty sure I have yarn too.

Here's to a better day today and getting through November together! I can't do it as I've given myself other knitting commitments, but I think that KAL looks wonderful.

Fighting back the winter doldrums - all of us together!

I'm sorry you had a bad yesterday. I'm proud of you for looking for and choosing what will work well for you to have a better today. My needles are rather full at the moment, so I'll not be knitting along, but I have been walking more. xo

ooohhh curious about that KAL! and delighted you found your way to starting NaBloPoMo. We can do it (with a little help from our friends :-)!

It does feel like the beginning of winter despite the fact that today is supposed to have 70 as the high. But it is great knitting and listening time--yea!!!

I'm a wannabe when it comes to nanowrimo. One day! But i love to daydream about it only :) Sorry you were not happy but now you are, so that is good right? I love this time change!!

Hmmm. I shall look at the link, but I can srsly tell you that doing NaBloPoMo is far beyond my capabilities. Which is why I have started it. KAL too? Nuh-uh. You are more knitter than I.

Vicki got me thinking about this KAL, too. Maybe it would be a good thing . . . to fend off the winter/dark doldrums. (Can't hurt?)
(Sending XO.)

I've had a bad few months and almost didn't do this for the same reasons, but it's nice to see so many of our original group commit to doing this and I think it will help us all remember how we all came to be friends along the way.
I hope today was a better day...I will have to peek at your KAL potential. :))

I know exactly what you mean. This is the hardest time of year for me- the short dark days are so grim. Really glad you are doing the daily blogging . I'm giving it a stab, too.

Sorry you had a bad day - and I hope today was 100% better - but it sounds like you discovered a silver lining…I love the return to regular time even if the days are shorter, tho' I can't say I like the cold but given it over the heat and humidity we have here in Washington DC, I'll take the cooler temps.
Tomorrow is Day 3, already! See you then!

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