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Day 13: If You Feed Them

...they will come.


Almost every day the scrub jays come to visit and wait for their snack of peanuts. If I speak the the male he will cock his head and listen. If I had time to sit for a spell he'd be eating out of my hand, as he comes very close when I talk to him.


I try to remember to put my camera in my pocket, but usually I am walking out the door to drop the peanuts before I remember the phone back in my office. I enjoy their daily visits and the reason to leave my computer screen behind. They are a very welcome distraction.


The photo below is from early this summer when they were in the process of molting. The soft and fluffy regrowth left down here and there around the steps. Once in awhile I'm lucky enough to find a feather.

Scrub Jay

The pair of them stay around all year round as scrub jays do not migrate.  I made sure to stock up on extra peanuts and blue bird pellets. This next week it will be cold and snowy. If I put the food out they will come to hyde the peanuts and eat a few pellets.   If you can't tell, I rather do enjoy feeding my blue babies. They always make me laugh as they can be such clowns. 

Happy Weekend, friends! 


I love seeing your scrub jays and you've really shown them at their best in these photos. You may be the Bird Whisperer, able to communicate with the male, and the rest of them surely appreciate the peanuts!

That would be so cool to have him take a peanut out of your hand...

I love taking a nature break during the day. It's real nice at this time of year up here in RI because the leaves have all fallen off most trees and you can really capture the pretty colors.

I think it's awesome that you have developed this relationship with them!

we don't have that type of jay, only a blue jay so I love to see yours when you blog about him :)

Sadly, I can't feed the birds anymore. We now have a nesting pair of Red Shouldered Hawks in the back yard, and while they are AWESOME, guess what is their favorite food? Yeah. Smaller birds. Unless you like watching that kind of thing (I don't), bird feeding is a thing of the past.

Yay! Scrub jay pictures!

It's nice to have a bit of a nature break during the day! I love that there's still a farm across the road from my office... three elderly bachelor brothers live and work there. I haven't seen the cows in a while, though, and wonder if they gave them up. They only had a few, but they were my favorite.

They're so fun. I saw "mine" yesterday for the first time in quite a while. A family of three. I grabbed the peanuts and fed them - they're so funny. Hope to see them again today!

I just love your scrub jays! I'm so glad you share your peanuts with them . . . and the delightful photos with us! XO

Love your social network! Such cuties.

Birds are such a source of pleasure.

We had a pair of scrub jays in our yard for a couple of years. I would stand out in the yard and hold my arm out. Seemingly out of nowhere a scrub jay would swoop down, land on my hand and take his peanut. Seconds later, his mate would be on my hand taking hers. They would then go bury them in the yard. The built a nest in our tree and had two babies. One didn't make it, but we were able to witness the others first flight. Sadly, we found the male laying dead in our front yard on day, and have no idea what became of the female. Since then we got a dog, so I don't encourage the feeding of the birds, but will still see them once in awhile find a buried peanut in our yard, several generations later.

I'm amazed how tame they are (or seem) and how close they let you or not! I hope they've got a warm set of feathers ready for snow (yikes - next week already!?!)

How wonderful you can get so close…the photos are lovely and so peaceful. I can see why you enjoy the pleasure of their company…and they, yours!

What a wonderful way to break up the work day!

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