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Day 30: Weekended

Friday - I shopped, but only at the LYS and local grocery. I also cleaned, cleared, and organized, even started to decorate. But, most of my day was spent with my nose buried in a book. I crafted in the evening, but it was not the focus of my day. 


Saturday - Lunch with a friend, but the rest of the afternoon was stringing lights, placing menorahs, putting poinsettias here and there, mixing in a Santa or two. But, mostly I read (or listened) as much of the day as I possibly could. Since my hands were free, I worked on my Alabama Chanin market bag and made good progress. I have made a renewed promise to finish it (soon). Crafting is one of the main reasons I love listening to books. 

Sunday - Decisions were made...the cowl project abandon and a fire lit under the desire to get the sweater off square one. I was 10 books behind in my reading challenge, but by reading as much as I could this weekend, I have only 5 books to go. The market bag and the sweater will help me reach my goal of 65 books this year--or at least I hope so! 

Thank goodness today the 30th! whew

Day 28: No View


You know my view well enough to imagine what sits behind this wall of gray. The good news is it is snowing, but don't get too excited, as the reports from the mountains sit at 2".  That is inches, NOT feet. We hope. We also send safe traveling thoughts to friends who are on the road, as it will be very slippery out there. Be safe, be well, my friends. 

Day 27: Delicious Day

20151126_143141-1This is only a very small portion of the feast Monica prepared for the 24 people she had to dinner. Carrots right from the garden, which tasted like a real carrot should!! She also had beets fresh from the garden, which were sweet and earthy. My plate was mostly filled with veggies of the day. 


This turkey! Oh my it was delicious, as was the accompanying cranberry sauce (freshly made). And, since it was Thanksgiving, Monica made pies that look delicious and made all the gluten eaters happy. BUT, she also made two pies that were GF. I had a slice from each one and I can't tell you which was more delicious. 


Good friends, excellent food, lots of conversation, accompanied by a bit of's what I call a perfect Thanksgiving. I hope you had a lovely day, too. 

Day 26: Grateful

Happy Thanksgiving!!

No snow The day is here. We are whiling away our morning, staying warm and cozy in our humble abode. We wait in anticipation of an afternoon with friends, of good food, good conversation, and laughter. 

The storm was a dud. Not even much snow in the mountains. However, it is cold, even colder than it looks in the photo. Icy cold. You know how much I love the cold. ha!

BUT, I am so very grateful for my warm home, the beauty of my view, the wonderful day unfolding before me, all the people in my life, and for all that I have. You cannot be redundantly grateful. 


Day 25: Walking Wednesday

Blustery fall days make it easier to keep up the steps. (Winter is going around us, at least until tomorrow.) The leaves are being stripped from the trees, none too soon, if the snow is truly coming. We are hopeful. Mountains need snow, we need precipitation, we only hope winter is inevitable. 


Happy Thanksgiving, dear friends.  May your heart be full of joy and love, warmth and abundance. Be Grateful. 

Day 24: Give Thanks

This post is brought to you by the annual "Thankful Post", but Carole put a little twist on it and brought it into the NOW! 

10 Things You Are Thankful For RIGHT NOW 

Not quite full

1. Knowing all the members of my family are safe, albeit scatter across the county. I know they will each have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration of their own.

2. A roof over my head. Even more, a home.  I think of it as humble, but it is more than many people in this world have.

3. Electricity. It's hard to imagine life without it.

2. Running water. Chances are, without it, we would be sick constantly.

3. Easy access to a wealth of food (and wine).

4. Choice. I can come or go, eat or no, and safely walk the streets of my city and my neighborhood.

5. A good job that gives me more than a paycheck.

7. My own car. Being mobile means so much to me.

8. My friends. So, so many people make my world go round and I would not be the person I am without all their love, support, and encouragement.

9. My dearest husband.

10. My hands, my eyes, my legs, my heart.

Day 23: Weekend Blur

When the weekends are so packed with life from beginning to end, and it is near 10:00pm Sunday night and you trying to sort things out for a blog post, it is best to jump to the last few things that happened. 


The weekend involved time with friends, time for movies, and time for dining out, but not enough time to do everything I'd like to have done.  There was a little time for knitting, sewing, and walking. I am Marching Through Time. Sunday afternoon Smith and I thought it was a fine enough day we could walk along the Jordan River Parkway. The sky was brilliantly blue, but the air grew colder and colder. We started at 4800 So. and walked until the sun started to set and it become too cold and dark to continue. Part of the river had a thin layer of ice, which had very likely formed a few days before and never had a chance to melt. The ice would certainly thicken overnight. 


The last thing I did, before falling into bed, was make an unplanned pot of soup. We had a fridge full of veggies, a bunch of leftover chicken, and Vicki's Roasted Tomato Sauce in the freezer. It all translated to a big pot of deliciousness. I love it when unplanned happenings turnout so well. 

Psst. Speaking of unplanned...check out the newest new header on my blog. Vicki was inspired by my Saturday's sky and decided to redo the redo! I LOVE IT!