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You may, or may not, have heard I have a new car.  RIP poor old Toyota. There should be a picture of my car at the top of this post, but I never got around to making that happen. Other things that you won't see today are the gimlets (basil lime gimlets) a friend and I had Friday night and I have no pictures of my Saturday night. I am a terrible blogger (but, I hope to get better).  You will see, the pictures I took Sunday while visiting Red Butte Gardens for first time in a couple of months. 


I arrived mid-morning to clearing blue skies and warming temperatures, as there had been a little rain the night before. Strolling through the grounds it was easy to see fall was winning out over summer. I stopped to take a picture of the spectacular view and, as I turned around to continue my walk, I spotted this fuchsia in a nearby hanging planter. It was an unexpected delight, with its delicate blossoms of pastel lavender against silver green background.  


The plants are either fading to burnished tones or turning exceptionally bright colors. I was impressed with the hibiscus as produced one last glorious blossom while its leaves were on their last gasp. 


In Utah, most of our fall colors are shades of gold, but once in awhile you run across a tree that stands out. Our autumn is just beginning here in the valley, although it's long past on the peaks. As the days cool and the nights grow shorter, the trees will drop their colorful clothes and start to show their bones. Over the next few weeks we'll watch as autumn gives way to winter. I just hope the descent is slow. 


Congratulations on your new car - drive it well and safely! Thanks for sharing the pretty photos from Red Butte Gardens.

I love your sentence describing the leaves on trees in fall! You are so spot on!

Beautiful photos! That fuchsia! Kudos on the new car. I love your descriptive last paragraph.

I'll join the other commenters and applaud your lovely fall descriptions. The fact that you don't have photos of your new car and gimlets just means that you were enjoying them and being fully present, and not removing yourself from the moment to take photos. The photos you did take are poignant and beautiful!

The view from the gardens is beautiful! I'm also impressed (and a little surprised) to see such a pretty bloom on the fading hibiscus. So many lessons could be drawn from that. Enjoy your new car.

You are a great blogger. I always enjoy coming here.

Since I live in Colorado, your description of mostly yellow resonated! The lavender fuscia is exquisite! Finally, I would love it if you would share the recipe for basil lime gimlets--I love anything basil. Another finally, your descriptions today were as lovely as the photos.

I hope your new wheels last a good long time!! What a lovely walk through the gardens... those blooms are gorgeous!

Yes, you're a slacker. Good thing I got to see the car in person.

RIP Toyota, love live???? Your photos are quite lovely, and I am glad you had the chance to get out and enjoy your weekend. Don't worry about whether or not you are a good or bad blogger! Shoulda, woulda, coulda. We are old enough to give that up!

beautiful foliage :) I am a sucker for trees turning. Yay to a new car?? I love when I get my money's worth from an old car though.

you're a wonderful blogger - that's how we met ;-) I'm delighted about your new car and the lovely photos of fall, SLC style. so different (car & scenery!) from what I see around here. except for that tree with the red leaves...which reminds me I need to get outside soon and photograph fall here! hope you have a wonderful week, M.

Bad blogger? No such thing! You are a wonderful blogger. (It's hard to live in the moment AND photograph everything. Ugh. You can share photos of your new car some other day.) I love your photos (That Fuchsia!!!) and descriptions of fall. Just lovely! XO

Lovely colors!

*moment of silence for the old Toyota*

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