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There are many pieces to the Alabama Chanin market bag, but, I just realized, only the two largest need to be stitched. I've finished stitching and cutting one side and will soon (I hope) finished the second. There are a few more motifs to outline then I'll cut and reveal the red below. Seaming will be next, both the lining and the bag itself. When the project first arrived I was a little intimidated by the amount of work--so many pieces! Sewing it together seemed a very long term task (and a far distant), but after seaming my AC T-shirt, I am no longer worried. It will be a joy to watch the bag come together and be usable. Whether it's knitting or sewing, or any other creative pursuit, it is the process. 

You may or may not be a fan of Alabama Chanin and you may or may not be a fan of Rosanne Cash (really!?), but my guess is you're a fan of creativity, which leads me to suggest you read this post from the AC Journal. Natalie's interview with Rosanne is spot on, with her brilliant questions and Rosanne's thoughtful responses. It won't take long to read and I highly recommend you do so. Also, I think I'll add Rosanne's newest memoir, Composed, to my TBR.


those colors! and all that pretty stitching detail. It's coming along and it's beautiful! also, thank you for the Rosanne Cash link. Playing The River & the Thread now!

I do like the colors on your bag-in-progress. :) Also, I had NO IDEA Rosanne Cash was so accomplished - thanks for the link!

Who couldn't love Roseanne Cash?!? Your bag is going to be wonderful, enjoy the process.

Did you notice she was wearing an Alabama Chanin tshirt? I think you will enjoy her book especially if you listen to the audio version.

I'm looking forward to seeing how all your bag pieces come together beautifully. And what a treat the AC Journal is! I know next to nothing about Roseanne Cash, and it was wonderful to read about one creative artist interviewing another creative artist. Roseanne Cash sounds like someone I'd love to have a beer with, but I think I'll settle for drinking a beer while I read Composed. Thanks for sharing!

I love, love, love the colors in your bag! I can't wait to see it finished. Ken is a huge fan of Roseanne Cash. She frequently sings up at the Art Center up here.

That bag is beautiful! I've got a mini girl crush on Roseanne Cash. Thanks for linking the interview!

Hand seaming goes SO much faster than I ever imagined!

I was excited to learn that Rosanne will be performing here in May!!

...and I just bought the tickets to that show! Can't believe I slipped up on that.

Thank you for sharing the link to that interview. I'm so glad you are feeling ready for this project. xo

That bag is just gorgeous! (Wish it was still available as a kit. . . ) Thanks for the link to the interview -- and the book. (Definitely on my TBR list now.)

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