Our Day Together
Day 1: Standard Time

Waiting for Winter

Here in the valley the trees still have their leaves, although they are starting to change color and drop to the ground.  The temperatures have been warm and many flowers still bloom. In the garden we still have marigolds, anemone, a renegade bachelor button or two. At Red Butte we saw many roses still showing off their blossoms and yesterday, Cheryl showed an iris that thinks it might be spring. The temperatures are about to change. We hear rumors of rain and possible mountain snow, but so far, rumors they stay.  I will admit, there is a hint of winter in the air.


This is just so lovely! I especially like the hint of pinks, yellows, and oranges peeking through.

Such pretty roses!

Gorgeous photo! Love the splashes of pink in the rose petals.

Hold on to that look...please don't let it go! :-)

We're having Indian Summer here today and I love it!

I heard tales here of snowflakes flying this morning! I'm wearing actual shoes today for only about the third time so far this fall. Next week will see a few days in the 60s, even flirting with 70 (!!), so I'm not putting away the sandals just yet! Flowers of any kind are long gone, however, and I must be content with changing foliage. Burning bush is the one catching my eye most often right now... truly on fire!

How long 'til spring? ;)

Indian summer paid a visit today, but its back to the chill tomorrow and probably for a good long time.

It was balmy today even way up here, but the chill set back in tonight. No more flowers left here, so enjoy yours while they last. Those roses are lovely!

I'm looking forward to fall and the turning inward of winter, but those lovely roses provide a beautiful reminder of what we're leaving behind.

is that a camellia? in UTAH? one of my favorite fall/winter blooms and I'd love to think you have them there, too!

Same here! Mixed feelings--welcoming winter but mourning warm temps and blossoming gardens!

Your weather usually ends up on our doorstep two or three days after you get it, so I'll be watching to see if the temperatures drop. I'm never ready for winter, but it must come eventually. Until then, let's enjoy the flowers. Those roses are beautiful!

I love the roses at the end of the season. They are always a bit of a surprise -- and so lovely. We've had some rain and wind this week (and I even saw some big, wet snowflakes yesterday), but it appears we're in for some warmer weather again soon. (I don't mind. . . ) Happy weekend, Margene!

I was really sad to see snowflakes earlier this week. Not that they stuck around, but still.

So lovely! I give up guessing on the weather right now. We are having the up and down, back and forth mixture that reminds me to take things day-by-day. xo

Things here are somewhat disturbingly warm. Not that I don't enjoy the days in the high 60's and low 70's, but it seems too warm for fall. Our leaves are coming down more due to the dryness than the temps. But this weekend, it is supposed to rain for 48 hours. Hooray! So I guess most of us are experiencing that up and down thing right now. Your picture, as always, is simply beautiful!

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