When the Unthinkable Happens

My (Oh So) Slow Fashion

One exciting day last week. I finished my first piece of Alabama Chanin slow fashion. Most of my inspiration for starting the whole slow fashion/Alabama Chanin phase of my crafting life, came from Vicki (as you well know). Her vision and her constancy are nothing short of awe-inspiring.


After I bought all the books and ogled the AC Journalfollowing the blogs of people who sew, and watching their Instagram feeds, I decided to take the plunge. I am in awe of Vicki who will start from scratch, reuse old Ts, do her own dyeing, and/or stenciling (even cutting the stencils), then air brush the design onto fabric, but I will only stitch if it is easy to put the project together.


It was January when I took the first stitches on my Magdalena DIY Shirt. Stitching was easy and I would have been finished months ago had I not decided each petal would that much more spectacular filled with beads. Beading was slow, but worth doing, as I'm very happy with the shabby chic elegance. 


After months of working with tiny beads of all sizes, sewing the T-shirt together was a piece of cake. I think I'll do another, sans beads, with more stitching detail, because sewing was the fun part. 


It looks SO GOOD on you!! Congrats on getting it done! :)

That is a work of art! So glad you can enjoy all of your work now by wearing it!

Beautiful! Hope you enjoy wearing it!

WOW!! what a work of art! and the fit and style are perfect for you. I'm so glad I have another AC-fan to follow :-)

You were right - it is spectacular!

That is beautiful!

FABULOUS!! Oh Margene! I'm so happy to see this... and wish I could see & feel it in person! I love the beading. It's truly spectacular and looks wonderful on you. (Also, I *LOVE* your hair cut!)

I LOVE it! The beads just take it to a whole new level of AWESOME. AC/slow fashion is really quite addicting. I've got another kit . . . this time a skirt. (But still not ready to try beads. Although you're really inspiring me to think again.)

You look terrific -- and I really like your haircut. (It looks great with your t-shirt.) :-)

I am so glad to finally see this, and it was worth the wait. It's lovely, and it looks so "you". You did a beautiful job on the beading, but I would expect no less! Also, as others have said above, I love your haircut. It looks really stylish and yet casual, very flattering.

I LOVE it. Wish I had ANY patience whatsoever for sewing. But it gives me sweats and high blood pressure. Not exactly relaxing. ;)

It came out great, and looks wonderful on you.


It looks great on you!

What a lovely project. Enjoy.

It's wonderful and you look so good in it. Congratulations!

It's absolutely beautiful Margene! The color, the beads, and the model! And I agree, the haircut is fab!

That is so great! Really, really great!

This project, work of art, and you and beautiful! Worth every tiny bead and tinier stitch. would love to see the shirt worked with just stitches - that would produce a different kind of beautiful. be proud!

That is gorgeous and looks amazing on you.

Looks lovely on you, Margene!

gorgeous!!! You look adorable and lovely and Chic :)

That shirt is a work of art and looks fabulous on you! Congratulations on a job well done. I can see why you'd be excited to start a new project.

Tada--the wait is over and the outcome is worth every minute!

Gorgeous! And your haircut is adorable.

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