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Words in the Wild was started by Kym (my memory isn't all that great, but I think that's what happened) and she has a knack for finding words here and there. Honestly, I'm not sure whether WitW is a Wednesday or Thursday thing, but I'm doing it today, in any case. 


Last weekend, I had to stop by one of the big box department stores to pick up new "foundations" and, as I walked from one department to the next, I saw this sign. It not only tickled me, I knew it would make Kym smile, too.

My life has been so busy, with mostly good things (and work), but with a little trouble here and there. Monday night someone rear-ended my car and while I am okay (a little sore) and the car is still drivable, everything just feels even more complicated (it IS more complicated). 

One of the really good things happening this weekend is the Alta Knitter's Retreat. The weather will be superb (70-80s) and I decided to add a day to my stay to take advantage of the fantastic weather. The aspen leaves should be at their full glory, too. 

Enjoy your weekend, my friends!


Oh, that does make me smile, Margene! :-) (Hearing about your being rear ended, however, does NOT make me smile. I'm hoping you're feeling less sore every day.) I will miss you all at Alta this year. Enjoy every moment -- and soak up the sun! XO

I am sorry you were in an accident, that would unnerve me and make me a little scared. I hope that all goes well with fixing the car and you recover!!

I am sorry about the car accident, that really stinks. But I'm excited for you about the Alta retreat. Wish I could be there, I know you will have a fabulous time!

Margene, I hope you have a wonderful weekend with just the right amount of peaceful contemplation and warm camaraderie! I am so sorry to hear about your car wreck, but it will all get sorted,,, inhale, exhale. I'm very happy you did not get seriously hurt!

I wish I could be there, too! Didn't work out this year... Have a wonderful time and I hope it's just what you need to rest & relax after that little accident.

: ( about your car and soreness. Were they on the phone?!??!

Hope you have a wonderful knitting retreat weekend!

I'm sorry about the car accident. I hope you and your car are soon feeling better.

Enjoy your retreat!

My sympathies on the car accident--even when it's not your fault, it is your fall-out.

Luckily, you have a glorious weekend coming up!

Love the sign, but definitely not the accident. I hope some tea can help ease your soreness and the complications.

poop on that accident ... but so glad you're not letting it dampen your spirits for the retreat. I just was the IG post of your view. and I am yellow with envy :-) enjoy!

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