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Fall season has a bounty of my favorite foods to eat and, almost all, come from my garden or the farmers market. Carole asked us to name 10 of our favorites and here's my list.


1. My number one favorite is Vicki's Roasted Tomato Sauce because it is so versatile and full of the bounties from the garden. Small eggplants, hot peppers, left over zucchinis, onions, garlic, and maybe a fennel bulb, find their way into the sauce. Oh, and tons of fresh tomatoes make up the most of the pot. It takes only a couple of hours before you have a flavorful base for soups, sauces, veggie dishes, and anything else you can imagine you'd like a tomato sauce to do.

2. Squash and sweet potatoes make up my second favorite fall deliciousness. Squash is also versatile and is packed all the things that make up a good diet. I love any kind of squash you can think of and eat it any chance I get. Roast it, bake it, microwave or grill, you can't go wrong. You could include pumpkin here, but not pumpkin flavoring. 

3. Home made soup, any kind of homemade soup, from veggie, to chicken, to beef stew, to tomato, to chili. It's all offers so much flavor in every bite.

4. Potatoes fresh from the garden, whether red potatoes, fingerlings, russets, or Yukons. We've got them all and they are all extra delicious.

5. Figs and apples, which I eat in small quantity, but which I love adoringly.

6. Peaches and pears, which I eat as often as I can, but, sadly, they are so finite.

7. Beets and carrots, which seem a teem with a  freshness and sweetness that personify fall.

8. Grapes and cranberries, which remind me of my grandmother (she made concord grape everything) and the upcoming season of Halloween and 


9. Brussels sprouts, which I love with a bit of bacon, or cooked in balsamic vinegar, or fish sauce (my new favorite).

10. Thanks to Cheryl, I just tried my first Hard Cider (a GF way to enjoy the season and get plastered fast) and I think I'll be drinking it more often.

Yes, I realize mine are all vegetables or fruits, but I don't very often eat cakes, cookies, or other types of baked goodies and I'm not a fan of pumpkin flavoring in anything.

Do you have a favorite fall food or flavor?


I will have to find that hard cider for my husband, he loves those things but in the US I think they are hard to find....(he's from Canada). I love brussel sprouts but I'm the only one in the house! so I have to eat quite a bit for everyone :)

I so love the smell of Concord grapes! I pass some when I'm out for my walk/runs and it always makes me smile.

Home made soups are great during the Fall. I love Concord grapes too. They are real hard to find in the stores here. I was glad I found some at the the farm stand.

Good, healthy list! xo

Soup and stew season...yummy!

That ginger cider looks and sounds delicious. Even though my garden was sad and drought-stricken his year, I think you (and Vicki!) have provided me with the perfect use for all the withered tomatoes and peppers. Now I'm looking forward to some roasted tomato sauce!

I love fall produce, especially butternut squash! And figs - yummmm!

I live surrounded by potato fields and love fresh potatoes. I forgot to include them in my list.

My mom and I love Brussels sprouts, but they're a hard sell to the rest of the family no matter how they're made :(

I know how much you love Concord grapes. ;^D

hard cider sounds like a win - need to try that! ...and of course all the fresh vegetables and fruits. you're lucky to "harvest" some yourself. fresh from the earth is always tastier!

An all around tasty list! While I do have Brussels sprouts throughout the year, there is anticipation to making the "now tradition" dish that is part of the Thanksgiving menu now - shredded with a bit of bacon & toasted hazelnuts. Welcome to hard ciders - they are my favorite.

You hadn't tried hard cider before?! Oh, what a wonderful thing to discover now. :)

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