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"Passementerie (/pæsˈmɛntri/, is the art of making elaborate trimmings or edgings (in French, passements) of applied braid, gold or silver cord, embroidery, colored silk, or beads for clothing or furnishings."~Wikipedia

The first thing I thought of when contacting Kim about the colors for the Mystery shawl, was the idea of trimmings, gold braid, "passementerie". Kim always seems to read my mind and assured me that her Butterscotch Pudding was just the right shade to work with Through the Looking Glass. Since this was a Mystery Shawl, and no one knew the direction it would take, I made a leap of faith.

I first started with Butterscotch Pudding, but after the second clue arrived without a change in color, I changed my mind. I began again with Through The Looking Glass and I am now grateful I listened to my intuition.

After years of great Mystery results, I trusted Kirsten to design a shawl I'd love and, the newly named, Liz Christy is no exception.  Our only direction as to color was the guidelines Kirsten suggested when we signed up. My idea for the colors worked, but not in the way I had first envisioned. Questions abounded while knitting (What? No stripes!? Whatever are we going to do with this second color? Will this shawl be a disappointment?) As with Germinate, this shawl ended up being a serendipitous (and fortuitous) melding of the designer, the dyer, and a knitter's trust.

Kim's Airy, a deliciously soft single spun yarn, which I enjoyed knitting. As the yarn slipped through my fingers I saw the colors held both light and shadow adding depth and intensity to the shades. My delight with the shawl is evident as I have worn nothing else (as usually happens when I finish a great project). I am predictable.

I am also not very good at putting notes on my Ravelry projects, but you can still check out my Ravelry page.


Oh, Margene! It is just stunning! I love that color combination -- it is perfect for the design - and for you. I can just imagine you wearing that shawl all the time. (For awhile. . . until the next beauty comes along.) I haven't knit with Kim's Airy yet, although I have some in the stash. (I'm thinking Duane Park Triangle maybe?)

I enjoyed seeing the finished shawl, and reading about its creation. Well done!

It's just perfect and looks so good on you!

That is so, so pretty. You've inspired me to finish the endless mesh on mine. Love the pictures!

It is stunning in photos and in person...and Margene thanks for the inspiration to join in the knit along

Gorgeous piece of knitting! Great marriage of colors. Looks fabulous on you. I love Airy. Such a luscious yarn.

Beautiful work Margene! Your fall will be all the warmer because of it. :-)

Your shawl is gorgeous! I love the colors, they look perfect for fall!

Oh my word, that is PERFECT! I'm so glad you followed your instinct and switched up the colors. I love it!

Looks beautiful! (And familiar!)

My favorite part is the patterning in the blue section--does that make me a contrarian? Beautiful knitting!

absolutely gorgeous!!! Well done :)

That is gorgeous! I love the colors together and the photos are beautiful. I finally, finally finished knitting mine last night. Hurrah!

Your way with words is exceeded only by your ability to take a leap of faith and knit a stunningly beautiful shawl! Your color combination is gorgeous as is the finished shawl.

oh my. it's gorgeous! and that gold could not have been a better match for the shawl's edging. especially inspired by that definition. wow! simply wow!

wonderful. I have to finally cast mine on. Just have to find the yarn I choose for it. It's lost in the cleaning (stuffing all craft supplies in a closet) that preceded the beginning of the bathroom sub-floor replacement(also know as remodeling the first of two bathrooms due to water damage).

Do love how your shawl came out.

Just beautiful! A finished object, and it turned out so very well. Well done, Margene!

It turned out very cool. Yay, intuition! :)

SO SO pretty! I love the colors you picked.

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