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Let's Call This Post WIP Wednesday


On Monday's post, Jo asked where was the yarn in the pictures from Alta and, I must confess, there was only a tiny bit of knitting and a whole lot of tinking done. I sewed a little, too, but mostly visited, stared at the mountains, the golden aspens, and did a whole lot of just nothing. Mountain air is calming, as is hanging out and chatting with friends (not to mention eating and drinking). Thanks to Anna, we all found a new to us, but instant favorite wine. (This wine had nothing to do with my knitting ennui.) 

With my Alabama Chanin T-shirt all but finished, I took along the AC Market Bag that has not been forgotten, but has only been languishing, and it will now get the majority of my (sewing). I am in no rush. Soon, you will be seeing a photo shoot of the finished AC T, which I'm happy to report, has had it's debut as a finished object.  


Knitting will not take a backseat to stitching, but I came to a realization yesterday and I know my heart isn't into the project I've been struggling against. The pattern is fine, I love the shawl, the yarn, and the process, BUT...there is a big but, I need to knit something else and I think I know what that is.  You'll find out soon, too. 


New wine and possible new knitting sound like great combination to me!

I cannot wait to see what you decide to knit. LOVE the red against the gray.

Whatever it is - a book, a sewing project, a knitting project - you must LOVE it to make it worth your time. After all, that's what a hobby is all about it, it's not a job so if you don't love it then don't do it. Glad you had such a relaxing time at Alta.

I'll be interested to see what knitting project has snagged you. I've picked up a sock.

I can't wait to see your market bag, the colors are beautiful! What Carole said....it's hard to work on something that you are not really enjoying.

That sounds like a perfect trip. Sometimes sitting and doing nothing is the best. I actually love what I am knitting but I also keep finding myself relaxing with it in my lap and not making progress. Must be in the air!

Carole is a wise soul and so is Gale. That spot where a project is finished, another isn't inspiring you and enjoying the company and the scenery is a perfect way to savor the weekend. The tee is just stunning!

I think I'm going to have to take a trip to the wine store today to grab some of that wine. It was quite yummy.

Love that bag. Can't wait to see your Tee! And your new knitting project!

Life is just far too short to work on anything, anything, anything that does not bring you joy! Can't wait to see the t-shirt in its altogether finished state -- and I so love that market bag. XO

That's such a pretty yarn. Alas about your heart not being in on the project!

Looking forward to seeing the finished t-shirt!

that red thread makes my heart sing! look forward to seeing your new knitting project because ... for sure! you must enjoy everything about what you're knitting. (and the wine and the view don't count in that assessment :-)

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