Packed In Weekend

It Can't Be Over!

I refuse to believe summer is over! The weekend was cool, but it didn't stop me from enjoying the waning summer and packing as much into the weekend as I could.  My contribution to Carole's ToT is here to tell you all about my fabulous (long) weekend. 


1. I made 4 batches of Vicki's Roasted Tomato Sauce. Everything I pick on any given day goes into the batch, which means a variety of flavors from one to the next. So many hidden treasures go into the sauce. One batch might have carrots, the next eggplant and squash. One batch we had to mark HOT just so we'd know it had an over abundance of hot hot peppers. It's ALL delicious and can be "doctored" when preparing a meal this winter. 

2. Saturday morning first thing I had a pedicure (love my red toe nails) and a manicure (buff to make the nails shine, no polish, thank you). It feels so good to have the cuticles cleaned up and the nails cut short. 

3. Smith and I had a chance to have lunch together and we went to our favorite tacqueria, Lonestar (of course). I always have the delicious fish taco and the fruity, flavorful ice tea. 


4. Saturday night we celebrated at my sister's wedding. Two happy brides add up to a crowd full of happy people. The cake was fabulous and the cake cutting ceremony the best ever! They cut the cake and each held a piece as if they were going to smash each other in the face, but the intended targets (which they both hit) were the unwitting groomsmen standing behind them. Maybe you had to be there, but it was a hoot! 


5. Sunday morning I went to a new to me coffee shop, the Coffee Garden, which has been around for a very  long time. It is a staple of the 9th and 9th district of SLC and even ran one of the big names out of the neighborhood (THE big name). I also had my first macaroon and enjoyed every.single.bite. (I'll have another, thank you.)

6. Sunday I, also, made progress on my Ropedance, which is a bit of a feat, as I need to keep a chart to check off each row. Staying on track is difficult when I in a  social setting, but I foresee it getting easier over time, as I make progress and become more familiar with the pattern. 


7. Monday morning I went for a walk around Red Butte Gardens and ran across a cipher left by another visitor. Maybe you can read the code, but I left it for the next person to puzzle through. 


8. While walking through the park I ran across a Sea of Susans. I got a kick out of seeing the sunny bright yellow faces and when the name a Sea of Susan's popped into my head a had a little giggle. Colorful blossoms were everywhere, as autumn has not yet taken over the garden. 


9. FINALLY, I finished the beading on my Alabama Chanin T-shirt! Monday afternoon I had time to sew the shoulder seams and sew in the D.I. Y. label. This made me especially happy. Next I will follow Vicki's lead and baste in the neck band before sewing it in place. 


10. We had BLTAs on the patio. The weather was perfect Sunday evening and since Smith worked the early shift, we had a lovely evening together.  We cooked bacon on the grill using the skillet he picked up at a garage sale a couple of years ago and enjoyed a tomato or two from the garden. Since I don't eat bread, I added a soft cooked egg to my bacon, tomato, avocado stack.  

How was your last official weekend of summer? Please don't tell me summer is over, as I want to live with the illusion of summer for a little longer. 


I don't think summer is over until the autumnal equinox on Sept. 23, so you have plenty of time left to enjoy. (Maybe that's the meaning behind the Red Butte cipher?) I LOVE your AC tee and Sea of Susans; what a terrific weekend you had!

Looks like a great weekend!

Oooooh, so happy to see you closing in on the AC shirt--I can wait to see it modeled. (Auto correct madness, it changed oooh to pooh). Love the BLTA's, except we call them BLAT's!

Summer is NOT over. At least the calendar says it isn't! We are going to have temps in the 90's here this week so there is your proof! I hope you get to hold on to Summer for as long as you can Margene! PS - what a beautiful cake! I love the colors.

It's going to be in the 90s here all week so our summer is definitely NOT over. oh wait, as I am typing this I see that Donna just said the exact same thing. hahaha. Anyway, I'm holding on to summer at least until after I turn 50.

I am giggling about the cake smooshing :) my daughter and son in law cut the cake and walked away awkwardly. Neither wanted to feed it to each other. I think the reception was like "that was it???". I thought it was cute :) Love your weekend and that coffee place sounds wonderful!!

Not over. Not Over. Not Over. That cake is fantastic! It looks like the brides had a beautiful day.

What beautiful pictures in this post! Thanks for sharing.

macaroons-so delish The cake-so darling!

I refuse to believe that summer is over. It will not be over until I am forced to wear socks AND shoes (together at the same time). Summer is not over. Summer is not over. Summer is not over. (Which is easy to believe today . . . as it's over 90 and stupidly humid.)

Your weekend looks perfect! The cake. The sea of susans. The beading. The BLTA. Every wonderful thing! XO

I agree with Bonny: equinox does it, not labor day arbitrariness. Seas of susans and day of the it!

The Coffee Garden is my favorite of the SLC coffeehouses/coffee purveyors. I like how the typical customer profile changes through the day, I like their baked goods, and I like the 9th & 9th vibe.

What a glorious weekend you had!

Yum...and wow! that beading is exquisite! .... it is definitely starting to look like fall (and even, maybe, just a bit - feel like it) here, but I'm with you - I think Summer is around for a few more weeks!

What a great weekend!! I am so excited about your Alabama Chanin t-shirt! I am still working on my wrap skirt... who'd ever have thought that it would take so long? I feel as though I've sewn miles of thread into that thing (more, even, than the embellished A-line), and there's still a bit to go!

Wow, what an amazingly packed weekend! Congrats to your sister and her wife!! And was that entire cake gluten-free?! *drools*

Any chance of a link to Vicki's Roasted Tomato Sauce? I could really use a recipe like that!

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