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Let's Call This Post WIP Wednesday


On Monday's post, Jo asked where was the yarn in the pictures from Alta and, I must confess, there was only a tiny bit of knitting and a whole lot of tinking done. I sewed a little, too, but mostly visited, stared at the mountains, the golden aspens, and did a whole lot of just nothing. Mountain air is calming, as is hanging out and chatting with friends (not to mention eating and drinking). Thanks to Anna, we all found a new to us, but instant favorite wine. (This wine had nothing to do with my knitting ennui.) 

With my Alabama Chanin T-shirt all but finished, I took along the AC Market Bag that has not been forgotten, but has only been languishing, and it will now get the majority of my (sewing). I am in no rush. Soon, you will be seeing a photo shoot of the finished AC T, which I'm happy to report, has had it's debut as a finished object.  


Knitting will not take a backseat to stitching, but I came to a realization yesterday and I know my heart isn't into the project I've been struggling against. The pattern is fine, I love the shawl, the yarn, and the process, BUT...there is a big but, I need to knit something else and I think I know what that is.  You'll find out soon, too. 

Weekend Viewing


I had a room with a view this weekend at the Rocky Mountain Knitter's Retreat. We took over Alta Lodge and had a great time knitting, talking, laughing, eating, drinking and then doing it all again. I had a fabulous massage on Saturday that calmed down many of my back problems. 


From the dinning room we could see a sliver of a view of the sunset and the valley below. Leaving all the news, the running about, and the day to day of life down in the valley was quite a treat. I hardly looked at my phone and took very few pictures. It was just a fabulously relaxing weekend. 

21580399938_398457ee9a_kBefore I left the canyon on Sunday I drove up the road to look down on the city of Alta and it's scenic beauty. The colors of the aspens were as bright and golden as can be and the sky gave all it could to the weekend, too. 

Last night I watched the moon come up near total eclipse and kept watching until the shadow passed and the moon was whole again. Being able to watch this stunning phenomenon was a wonderful cap to my weekend.  Today I have the day off and I'm going to run my usual errands, But will also take a few minutes to relax and keep the calm beauty of the weekend within my heart. 

Words in the Wild

Words in the Wild was started by Kym (my memory isn't all that great, but I think that's what happened) and she has a knack for finding words here and there. Honestly, I'm not sure whether WitW is a Wednesday or Thursday thing, but I'm doing it today, in any case. 


Last weekend, I had to stop by one of the big box department stores to pick up new "foundations" and, as I walked from one department to the next, I saw this sign. It not only tickled me, I knew it would make Kym smile, too.

My life has been so busy, with mostly good things (and work), but with a little trouble here and there. Monday night someone rear-ended my car and while I am okay (a little sore) and the car is still drivable, everything just feels even more complicated (it IS more complicated). 

One of the really good things happening this weekend is the Alta Knitter's Retreat. The weather will be superb (70-80s) and I decided to add a day to my stay to take advantage of the fantastic weather. The aspen leaves should be at their full glory, too. 

Enjoy your weekend, my friends!

After the Fact

Well, since all the cool kids did it, I decided to print off a BOTNS Summer Bingo card and see how I did...after the fact. 

The Xs cross through a subject I wouldn't have read given the chance. A few squares are left blank as not one of the 20 books I read came close to fitting in a squaret. (Although if I'd had this card earlier, I might have tried.) Some books I moved just to get a Bingo and I think that's fair. In the end, that trick gave me two Bingos.  In full disclosure, I did cheat by refreshing the card until I had a one that gave me a chance and I think that's fair, too. My guess is few of you took the first card you were handed, right? 

My favorite books of all that I read this summer were the 4 books by Elena Ferrante, known as the Neapolitan novels.  If you decide to read even one, you must read all 4, as they only get better with each story. The last one, recently published, was the best of all! 

If you have any questions about the books I've read I'll answer them and I'd love to know what your favorite book of the summer was, Bingo or no! 

In Season

Fall season has a bounty of my favorite foods to eat and, almost all, come from my garden or the farmers market. Carole asked us to name 10 of our favorites and here's my list.


1. My number one favorite is Vicki's Roasted Tomato Sauce because it is so versatile and full of the bounties from the garden. Small eggplants, hot peppers, left over zucchinis, onions, garlic, and maybe a fennel bulb, find their way into the sauce. Oh, and tons of fresh tomatoes make up the most of the pot. It takes only a couple of hours before you have a flavorful base for soups, sauces, veggie dishes, and anything else you can imagine you'd like a tomato sauce to do.

2. Squash and sweet potatoes make up my second favorite fall deliciousness. Squash is also versatile and is packed all the things that make up a good diet. I love any kind of squash you can think of and eat it any chance I get. Roast it, bake it, microwave or grill, you can't go wrong. You could include pumpkin here, but not pumpkin flavoring. 

3. Home made soup, any kind of homemade soup, from veggie, to chicken, to beef stew, to tomato, to chili. It's all offers so much flavor in every bite.

4. Potatoes fresh from the garden, whether red potatoes, fingerlings, russets, or Yukons. We've got them all and they are all extra delicious.

5. Figs and apples, which I eat in small quantity, but which I love adoringly.

6. Peaches and pears, which I eat as often as I can, but, sadly, they are so finite.

7. Beets and carrots, which seem a teem with a  freshness and sweetness that personify fall.

8. Grapes and cranberries, which remind me of my grandmother (she made concord grape everything) and the upcoming season of Halloween and 


9. Brussels sprouts, which I love with a bit of bacon, or cooked in balsamic vinegar, or fish sauce (my new favorite).

10. Thanks to Cheryl, I just tried my first Hard Cider (a GF way to enjoy the season and get plastered fast) and I think I'll be drinking it more often.

Yes, I realize mine are all vegetables or fruits, but I don't very often eat cakes, cookies, or other types of baked goodies and I'm not a fan of pumpkin flavoring in anything.

Do you have a favorite fall food or flavor?

Packed In Weekend

This past weekend was an anniversary of sorts, and I decided I had to pack as much into my free time as I possibly could. It was a weekend full of joy and love, happiness and celebration (of life!).

Cheryl and susan
A few months ago Eileen, Susan and I took an art class through Life Long Learning at the UofU and we enjoyed it so much we decided to reprise the technique at some point in the further. Well, Eileen took it upon herself to gather supplies and host us for a day of playing with alcohol paints. Cheryl and Deb joined us, as we met in Eileen's peaceful backyard where she had every little thing we could ever need. We created to our hearts delight, as Eileen had paper, dominoes, paints, and even, delicious treats. 

DominoesIt was a delightful day full of the laughter of friends who fed each others creative juices, and we came away with warm feeling of friendship and very cool creations of our own making. If you want to know more about the medium of alcohol painting (no imbibing) I suggest you search with your favorite search engine and check it out. No prior knowledge is necessary to make a mess and enjoy yourself.

Saturday night, Cheryl and Larry joined us for the season opener of the Jazz SLC  season. We enjoyed the stunning and amazingly versatile voice of Miss Dianne Reeves. It was a delight to hear live jazz again and we look forward to the rest of the season.


First thing Sunday morning I took myself up to my favorite place, a place I haven't visited often this summer, and I walked around the Silver Lake. The colors are changing and it feels as if the season has come upon us suddenly. By the time the Knitter's Retreat arrives (in a week and a half), the colors could be mostly gone. 

Sunday I had some time alone and I spent part of the day working on my Alabama Chanin T-shirt. All night I'd thought about what to do with the neckband, as I was fairly sure a band without beads would take away some of its elegance.  The minute I sat down to sew I knew the bugle beads would be easy to sew into place and they would be the right sort of embellishment for the neck. Happy am I.

How was your weekend?

It Can't Be Over!

I refuse to believe summer is over! The weekend was cool, but it didn't stop me from enjoying the waning summer and packing as much into the weekend as I could.  My contribution to Carole's ToT is here to tell you all about my fabulous (long) weekend. 


1. I made 4 batches of Vicki's Roasted Tomato Sauce. Everything I pick on any given day goes into the batch, which means a variety of flavors from one to the next. So many hidden treasures go into the sauce. One batch might have carrots, the next eggplant and squash. One batch we had to mark HOT just so we'd know it had an over abundance of hot hot peppers. It's ALL delicious and can be "doctored" when preparing a meal this winter. 

2. Saturday morning first thing I had a pedicure (love my red toe nails) and a manicure (buff to make the nails shine, no polish, thank you). It feels so good to have the cuticles cleaned up and the nails cut short. 

3. Smith and I had a chance to have lunch together and we went to our favorite tacqueria, Lonestar (of course). I always have the delicious fish taco and the fruity, flavorful ice tea. 


4. Saturday night we celebrated at my sister's wedding. Two happy brides add up to a crowd full of happy people. The cake was fabulous and the cake cutting ceremony the best ever! They cut the cake and each held a piece as if they were going to smash each other in the face, but the intended targets (which they both hit) were the unwitting groomsmen standing behind them. Maybe you had to be there, but it was a hoot! 


5. Sunday morning I went to a new to me coffee shop, the Coffee Garden, which has been around for a very  long time. It is a staple of the 9th and 9th district of SLC and even ran one of the big names out of the neighborhood (THE big name). I also had my first macaroon and enjoyed every.single.bite. (I'll have another, thank you.)

6. Sunday I, also, made progress on my Ropedance, which is a bit of a feat, as I need to keep a chart to check off each row. Staying on track is difficult when I in a  social setting, but I foresee it getting easier over time, as I make progress and become more familiar with the pattern. 


7. Monday morning I went for a walk around Red Butte Gardens and ran across a cipher left by another visitor. Maybe you can read the code, but I left it for the next person to puzzle through. 


8. While walking through the park I ran across a Sea of Susans. I got a kick out of seeing the sunny bright yellow faces and when the name a Sea of Susan's popped into my head a had a little giggle. Colorful blossoms were everywhere, as autumn has not yet taken over the garden. 


9. FINALLY, I finished the beading on my Alabama Chanin T-shirt! Monday afternoon I had time to sew the shoulder seams and sew in the D.I. Y. label. This made me especially happy. Next I will follow Vicki's lead and baste in the neck band before sewing it in place. 


10. We had BLTAs on the patio. The weather was perfect Sunday evening and since Smith worked the early shift, we had a lovely evening together.  We cooked bacon on the grill using the skillet he picked up at a garage sale a couple of years ago and enjoyed a tomato or two from the garden. Since I don't eat bread, I added a soft cooked egg to my bacon, tomato, avocado stack.  

How was your last official weekend of summer? Please don't tell me summer is over, as I want to live with the illusion of summer for a little longer. 


"Passementerie (/pæsˈmɛntri/, is the art of making elaborate trimmings or edgings (in French, passements) of applied braid, gold or silver cord, embroidery, colored silk, or beads for clothing or furnishings."~Wikipedia

The first thing I thought of when contacting Kim about the colors for the Mystery shawl, was the idea of trimmings, gold braid, "passementerie". Kim always seems to read my mind and assured me that her Butterscotch Pudding was just the right shade to work with Through the Looking Glass. Since this was a Mystery Shawl, and no one knew the direction it would take, I made a leap of faith.

I first started with Butterscotch Pudding, but after the second clue arrived without a change in color, I changed my mind. I began again with Through The Looking Glass and I am now grateful I listened to my intuition.

After years of great Mystery results, I trusted Kirsten to design a shawl I'd love and, the newly named, Liz Christy is no exception.  Our only direction as to color was the guidelines Kirsten suggested when we signed up. My idea for the colors worked, but not in the way I had first envisioned. Questions abounded while knitting (What? No stripes!? Whatever are we going to do with this second color? Will this shawl be a disappointment?) As with Germinate, this shawl ended up being a serendipitous (and fortuitous) melding of the designer, the dyer, and a knitter's trust.

Kim's Airy, a deliciously soft single spun yarn, which I enjoyed knitting. As the yarn slipped through my fingers I saw the colors held both light and shadow adding depth and intensity to the shades. My delight with the shawl is evident as I have worn nothing else (as usually happens when I finish a great project). I am predictable.

I am also not very good at putting notes on my Ravelry projects, but you can still check out my Ravelry page.

Always the Simple Things

I intended to have all sorts of pictures for you but we spent a serendipitous evening with our neighbors, which means my blogging time was used up, but I did pull together a list for Carole's 10 Seemingly Ordinary Things That Bring You Joy.

1. Reading a book, whether paper, Kindle, or in my ear. 

2. Snacking on a bowl of popcorn, freshly popped, but even a bag of vegan white cheddar will do. 


3. Watching the scrub jays fly away and hide the peanuts I left for them and talking to the male who isn't one bit afraid of me. 

4. Whiling away an afternoon on the patio...reading, knitting, sipping tea or wine, with or without company. 

5.  My smartphone, the device that keeps me in touch with family and friends by several different mediums (media?). 

6. My headphones, as I can listen to podcasts, books, the radio, as well as talk on the phone hands free. 

7. My eyeglasses, as without them I couldn't read a word. 

8. The old, yet trustworthy, Cuisinart, without which I would have a very hard time making (yet more) batches of Vicki's Roasted Tomato Sauce

Moonshine9. The moonrise, especially the full moon as it crests the mountain peaks. 

Earlysummer10. An amazingly beautiful sunrise. Watching the sky is a free endeavor and one worth taking the time to do.