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Well, since all the cool kids did it, I decided to print off a BOTNS Summer Bingo card and see how I did...after the fact. 

The Xs cross through a subject I wouldn't have read given the chance. A few squares are left blank as not one of the 20 books I read came close to fitting in a squaret. (Although if I'd had this card earlier, I might have tried.) Some books I moved just to get a Bingo and I think that's fair. In the end, that trick gave me two Bingos.  In full disclosure, I did cheat by refreshing the card until I had a one that gave me a chance and I think that's fair, too. My guess is few of you took the first card you were handed, right? 

My favorite books of all that I read this summer were the 4 books by Elena Ferrante, known as the Neapolitan novels.  If you decide to read even one, you must read all 4, as they only get better with each story. The last one, recently published, was the best of all! 

If you have any questions about the books I've read I'll answer them and I'd love to know what your favorite book of the summer was, Bingo or no! 


It's the reading that really matters - good for you! And yes, I think I refreshed two or three times before I got a bingo card I thought would work.

I refreshed at least four times . . . and still ended up with Manga! I just read the first of the Elena Ferrante series. Wow. Can't wait to read the rest.

This is great! I didn't read anywhere near enough books to play but I love the idea. The best book I read all summer (possibly all u yesr) is A Constellation of Vital Phenomena by Anthony Marra (novel, set in Chechnya)

Truth be told, I actually created a custom card! Yes, you can do that!! I had no dream, desire, or hope to finish during the "summer" -- I love to read, but a) busy and b) love doing many other things and c) haven't got the knack of audio books yet. Anyway, I loved some of the suggestions and keep it for reference... Who knows? Maybe someday I'll even get a BINGO!!

I love your after the fact assessment! My favorite books of the summer are A Man Called Ove, Our Souls at Night, and Did You Ever Have a Family. They're very different from each other, but each is wonderful in its own way. I've been wondering about Elena Ferrante's novels and I think you've convinced me if they're your favorites. Thanks!

YAY! 20 books and two bingos is a pretty good ratio - I'm so glad to include you in our grand prize drawing! I've got the Elena Ferrante novels on hold, but being number 100+, it might be a while. I read so many good books this summer I couldn't choose a favorite. The Emperor of All Maladies (read for the non-fiction square) was probably my favorite surprise LOVE and I have to say, 11/23/63 might be my favorite fiction surprise.

Oh, that's a pretty fun way to look at your reading! Hmm...

I have not dipped my toes into bingo reading, but it looks like fun! I try to read a contemporary novel, classic, nonfiction and a short story. Supposedly all at the same time. I have increased my reading but it's a lot to do all at once!!

You bloggers have inspired me to try new kinds of reading. Congratulations on the bongos!

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