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Watching...the sky. Always the sky. July was cooler than normal and much enjoyed by everyone after June's excessive heat. It looks as if August is keeping up the trend and summer is starting to bend to falls sway. I'm not ready to give it up and hope we have more days of warmth and sun ahead.

Reading...I've spent more time this summer reading than I have knitting or sewing. You can see a list of my recent reads on the side bar.  The Bees, Sleeping with Pancho Villa, and the "Neapolitan Novels"  of Elena Ferrante to name just a few and I'm enjoying a little mystery reading by making my way through the Shetland Series by Ann Cleeves. 

Knitting...I am now on the side knit edging of the mystery shawl and almost half way through the 97 repeats. This feels like a huge accomplishment!

Listening to...podcasts, music, and books, depending on my mood. I just started listening to "The Seams" a podcast by Jacki Lyden. Some of you Fashionista's may get a kick out of it. I've been listening to more music than books or talking podcasts. Currently, I'm into Jason Isbell and Courtney Barnett.

Drinking...cold white wine, cold black tea, and sipping a whiskey when the mood strikes. produce. Anyone want zucchini? We're still waiting for the tomatoes to ripen and I have a hunch they'll all come at once. SEE IN PERSON Jason Isbell on Friday night! We're stepping out of our comfort zone and going to see a live concert. I'm not even sure what to do with myself. Maybe dye my hair blue? (Oh wait, I did that.)


Itching to...finish the beading on my AC T. The front beading is nearly finished and I'm sewing around the motifs on the back. After seeing Vicki's amazing dress I am re-inspired. I wish my fingers moved as quickly and surely has hers do. jazz collect. Long story short, I thought it was lost, but a few days ago, Smith found the box in the back of a closet (one of the closets he has stuffed full). He brought it to me the morning after the evening jazz was dropped from our public radio station. I was ecstatic to have it in my possession. I have been going through it disc by disc, prioritizing discs for burning, and general feeling euphoric the discs were found.

Delighted by...having my own jazz "station". I miss the nighttime jazz more than I thought I would.

Delighted blue hair and my new physical therapist. He is the best!

Celebrating...a summer that is still here and needs to be enjoyed!


Things sound good all around! Glad that your summer is going so well. To have found your jazz collection - how great is that?! I can hardly wait to see your AC project; it looks gorgeous.

ha, you are ready for that live concert!! I would have trouble staying awake...but then maybe I would be fine! I hope you have fun :)

Fantastic moments! Enjoy the concert. Vicki has a great recipe for zucchini- Greek Zucchini Fritters.

I love how you fill your life with so many good things and share them with us! I wish I could give you the gift of time, but since I haven't yet figured out how to do that, I'm wishing you many more happy, interesting, and creative moments in time.

Hearing music live is such a wonderful gift, one that fills one's cup like no other. That fact that it happens to be a artist like Jason Isbell is true magic. Wish I could be there. Soak up some of those good vibes for me too.

Thank you! I was a little obsessed with that dress for a few weeks and did little else with my spare time! I'm sure happy with it, though, and can't wait for the next opportunity to wear it. I cannot wait to see your finished T!!

Have a wonderful time at the concert!

Here's a link to the recipe that Manise mentioned:

There is nothing like finding a treasure that you think is lost! Creating a treasure, aka AC tee, is also a good thing.

Yay for an awesome physical therapist! I hope this works well for you.

Sounds like all is well in Margene's world! I'm holding on to these last days of summer - I will not let go until I absolutely have to!

SO good. Living life well. (There is still plenty of summer.)

this list is like a breath of cool, calm air for what looks to be a hot, humid and very busy day ahead. thank for you helping me pause and savor a bit of summer along with you!

So very many good and wonderful things, Margene! So happy you found your jazz, so excited about the concert, so glad the summer cooled down a bit, and so inspired by your beading! (Wish I could take a zucchini or two . . . but, alas. Distance.) XO

Oh, have fun at the concert!!! :) I'm anticipating going to see Leonardo da Vinci's diaries tomorrow.

Our garden did a big bonk on all things squash. I imagine it may have had something to with bees as we had plenty of flowers, they just never went anywhere. Things sound good in Utah! (Can't wait to see for myself in 6 weeks! Unfortunately we're staying south - no SLC for us :-( )

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