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There are hints in every direction I turn--the little bit of color in the willows or the maples, the pyracantha berries turning a vivid orange, not to mention the sun disappearing earlier and earlier. I've missed the morning light for over a month now and heard reports the leaves are turning in higher elevations. 

As another sign of fall, the first batch of Vicki's tomato sauce is in the freezer. There will be more, as the tomatoes have just started to ripen. As predicted, they are all coming all at one time and it will be hard to keep up. Summer taste in the dark of winter is my driver. 

As the days shorten I find it easier to pick up my knitting and park myself in one spot. It's time to get a move on, tomake some progress with my handwork projects. It's time to prove myself a knitter.  The latest project to meet my needles is Ropedance, but there's not much to see, as yet. 


It's taken me forever to get back to my Alabama Chanin T-shirt, but I spent an evening this week beading a few of the petals. I am in no small part inspired by Vicki's progress on yet another new AC skirt. I am slower than molasses , but determined to finish this year. 

AC T beads

This weekend were able to fit in a photo shoot of my latest FO, but you'll have to wait to see how it turned out. I'll give you a hint...I have worn no other shawl since the TTL mystery came off the blocking board. 

Happy Monday, friends! 


You have a lovely fall palette in this post. I wish we had some signs of fall approaching, but it seems there are only temps in the 90s and no rain for about six weeks. No tomatoes here!

Things are looking good to me Margene! I'm trying to keep my knitting mojo going as well. Love your color choices!

I can hardly wait to see your TTL project. I'm making very, very slow progress on mine.

I love how the stripes in your shawl echo the stripes in the rocks.
And your shirt is looking fantastic!!

I love watching all of you create your beautiful Alabama Chanin stuff although I have no desire to go down that particular rabbit hole myself. So, the TTL mystery shawl. I brought it (along with way too many other knitting projects) on vacation. I was absolutely sure I would finish as all I had left was the edging. Guess what? It's still not.done.

I can't wait to see your mystery shawl, but I must admit . . . you've got my gears turning with Ropedance. So awesome! And your AC project is just gorgeous. I love the the embellishments. (Notice how I'm going to just ignore any mention of the impending season change? La-La-La-La. . . ) XO

FALL!!! somehow it seems easier for me to take when I see it on your blog than on my own street. Love the AC stitching and glad to see Vicki's inspiring you to continue. It's going to be gorgeous!

I'll wait patiently for the big reveal. love the grays of the new knit on the needles!

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