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19954351785_d565e57046_oI totally lucked out with this shot. While the jays grab the peanuts I snap and snap pictures, one after the other, and sometimes get lucky as I did last Thursday. Dad was hiding a peanut in a nearby tree, mom is on the ledge and baby is the one flying.

The scrub jays endlessly entertain me as they fly between tree and bush, side to side, gliding through the air with ease.The baby still has a beautiful pristine tail and perfect wings that have not been beat up by time. He hasn't begged or fluttered his wings in the baby way for some time now, but he does call for mom and dad if he's left alone for too long. He/she searches the skies for wanted company (or if magpies are in the area) and calls and calls. However, the pretty little thing seems to be doing well alone and is left to his/her own devices.


What a cool photo! I love how you captured the jay's color and his interesting shadow. Thanks for sharing your jay entertainment!

It's a great photo and it's not luck - it's because you snap and snap until you finally get THE SHOT. Good job!

I really love your scrub jays. That is a great picture! Carole is right: persistence pays off.

gorgeous shot and you were in the right place at the right time!! love how blue he is!

July and August are molting times for many birds. Mom and Dad are likely to look much more pristine in a few weeks!

I love that shot!!

It's a spectacular shot - both the baby and his shadow are beautiful.

This is such a fabulous picture! The baby jay's colors are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Oh wow - what a fun and lovely photo!! I once got to watch a Mama and Daddy cardinal teaching their baby to fly. It brought me to tears....

Linda in VA

A perfect shot of the bluejay and its shadow!

The Blue in the shot is absolutely amazing! I honestly thought it was not real! Our bluejays look different with variegation (striping almost) of blue, black and white...amazing shot! Congrats on your persistence - it has paid off!

Great shot! And such great entertainment!!

what a shot! I feel that same way on Tuesdays trying to capture Charlie - getting all that motion into one still frame takes patience...and a bit of luck :-)

I love that shot. You have such a cool relationship with "your" birds. Take care!!!!

What a perfect shot! I just love following your Adventures with Scrub Jays. What cool birds. :-)

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